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Tribute to Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team in Minsk - in ENGLISH / Вечер-реквием памяти хоккеистов команды

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Farewell ceremony in memory of the Lokomotiv ice hockey team members who perished in the airplane crash. It is being conducted by the decision of Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus. The head of the state, both personally and on behalf of the Belarusian people, has expressed profound sympathy to the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, in connection with the air disaster in Yaroslavl Oblast, and has conveyed words of compassion and support to the relatives and loved ones of the victims. The players of the Lokomotiv team are well known and familiar to fans in our country. Quite recently, in the previous KHL championship play-off, the members of Lokomotiv faced off with the Dinamo Minsk team. Those were unforgettable matches. Many of the fans who came out today to the Minsk Arena had bought tickets to the Dinamo vs. Lokomotiv game. These people have not been turning in their tickets for a refund, because they know that all the money from ticket sales is going into an assistance fund for the relatives of those who were killed. These were really splendid players, extraordinary and good people whose lives were snuffed out. Snuffed out at the prime of life. It is a terrible injustice, one that we just cannot come to terms with. Here is what the renowned Finnish forward, Teemu Selanne said, "Ruslan Salei was my good friend. It is so hard for me to accept this tragedy, that I still don't believe it happened." (music from "Eugene Onegin" opera playing) "This is a dark day for all of us. Ruslan was a great guy, a true pal, always giving his all for the team. He was the true soul of the team. I am sure each and every one of us endorses these words." All the clubs of the Kontinental Hockey League have already supported the idea of transferring two or three players each to Lokomotiv in order to form a new team. Lokomotiv will definitely be playing at the Kontinental Hockey League championship this season. On the seventh of September, 2011, at 3:05 pm Minsk time, a Yak-42 jet crashed in Yaroslavl. Ice hockey players of the Lokomotiv team were on board, flying to Minsk. What has happened is chilling. Forty-three people died. Among them were our countrymen - hockey players Ruslan Salei and Sergei Ostapchuk, and coach Nikolay Krivonosov. The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, both personally and on behalf of the Belarusian people, has expressed profound sympathy to the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, in connection with the airline disaster involving loss of life, and has conveyed words of compassion to the relatives and loved ones of those who perished. By decision of the head of state, a Requiem Night is to be held today in memory of the Lokomotiv ice hockey players who died in the plane crash. Hockey lovers, relatives, loved ones and friends of the victims, leaders and representatives of the diplomatic corps of Russia, Latvia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other nations are gathered today in the Minsk Arena. (applause) (Mozart's Requiem playing) (applause) (somber music playing) To honor the memory of those killed, the players of the Dinamo Minsk team go out onto the ice. They had known each other for a long time and were worthy opponents. Today, the Dinamo team were supposed to have met with their comrades in a sportsmanlike battle. But a horrible tragedy has disrupted this meeting. It is something painful, sad, irreparable... Dinamo Minsk players are shooting pucks into their own goal, symbolically bestowing victory to Lokomotiv. That is the only thing they can do today for their comrades. (somber music and applause are heard) To honor the memory of the Lokomotiv team, the ice hockey team of the President of the Republic of Belarus is taking to the ice. All its players deeply mourn the untimely loss of those who are gone. They knew many of them personally, had gone out onto the ice together and forged sincere friendships. It is a bitter and grievous loss. (applause) (applause) The president of the Republic of Belarus, Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko. (applause) "Dear friends, you probably agree with me that the most horrid thing in a person's life is when he is on his way to a festival, to a celebration, and arrives at a funeral. Yesterday, the whole world shuddered at the terrible news. An air disaster in the skies above Yaroslavl has taken the lives of forty four people, among whom there were thirty-six members of the Lokomotiv ice hockey team. Unfortunately, they are here with us today only in the form of a portrait of their likeness. And the eeriest thing is that they were flying here to us, to be here at this hour, and at this marvelous arena. They were flying here like the closest of friends. These, our blood brothers. The tragedy has become a grievous loss for the entirety of world ice hockey. The tears well up in your eyes when you think about the death of young and very talented people, the hope and pride of ice arenas, the idols of millions of fans. Three-time winner of the Championship of Russia, one of the strongest clubs of the Kontinental Hockey League, Lokomotiv was a great team composed of true master athletes. We are proud of the fact that its colors were defended by our own true men, Seryozha (Sergei) Ostapchuk and our legend, the captain of the national hockey team, Ruslan Salei. (thunderous applause) Together with our guys, we were resolved to take to the ice in order to pay a tribute of profound respect to these people and, notably, to Ruslan, because he went through training in the President's team for several seasons in a row, in preparation for the next season. As it happened, this year he did not arrive for this training. I don't know - destiny, it would seem. Or things just didn't work out this time... The hockey players of Minsk's Dinamo team, along with thousands of fans, were in excited anticipation of this moment, of the hockey match. That's because they knew that this would be a fine, sportsmanlike and superb contest. After all, for us, the Lokomotiv team's players were not merely sports rivals. First and foremost, they were friends, members of the hockey brotherhood and, as I have already said, our blood brothers. Unfortunately, fate has dictated otherwise, and the roaring of the grandstand cannot be heard today at the hushed Minsk Arena. All that can be heard is your applause, with which we send off our ice hockey players on their final journey. (thunderous applause) Dear friends, countrymen and foreign guests, members of the diplomatic corps! In our broken hearts, rather than the joy of the game, we have pain and grief. People always come together in such difficult moments. I am grateful to all who came to say farewell to the athletes, at their untimely passing. All the proceeds from the ticket sales for the canceled game will go to help the families of those who perished. Let us recall the most vivid moments in the athletic career of each player, sharing in the grief of their relatives and loved ones, and let us wish for a speedy recovery for those whose life was miraculously preserved. We believe that Lokomotiv will be resurrected. But this legendary line-up will always and forever remain with us on the highest pinnacle of its athletic glory. May those who perished rest in peace. Their memory is eternal. (thunderous applause) A moment of silence is declared in remembrance of those who were tragically lost... (cheers are heard from the grandstand) (thunderous applause) That's the way hockey players always greet each other. Today's ritual is performed in honor of the prematurely departed Lokomotiv team members. (Rachmaninoff's Vocalise playing) Young ice hockey players pay a tribute of remembrance and respect to their idols. A poem of Robert Rozhdestvensky is recited: "They depart, the Mohicans, they depart. Without touching the doors. Not even a creak from the floorboards. They depart without curses. Without cries and shouts. Turning to ice. Ebbing into silence forevermore. They were once exalted. Then became estranged... The Mohicans wondered and abided. The Mohicans grinned and got along. And they have now departed, without knowing the taste of fear. (applause) Having never learned how to be afraid. (applause) They have departed, leaving behind them the warm Chinook winds. (applause) The trees planted by their hands. (applause) They have departed, leaving behind them a vast land so very much in need of Mohicans." (Rachmaninoff's Vocalise continues) (a bell is tolled) The song "Kolokola (The Bells)" begins, "The roused brass of the bells has merged with the golden dawn. To them befell the fortunate occasion not to die when a vendetta wandered the Earth. Bells, sing the bells about the rekindling of a burnt out kernel. In fires not reduced to ashes, they sing of joy, they sing of sadness, of belief in life sing the bells. The roused brass of the bells has breathed stridency into the sound of soaring, of cold glances, smelting the frozen firmament into the joy of inspiration. Bells, sing the bells about the rekindling of a burnt out kernel. In fires not reduced to ashes, they sing of joy, they sing of sadness. Of belief in life sing the bells! (a bell rings out) The roused brass of the bells has burst into the heart, breaking the silence, and has helped the heart to discern the beginning within itself, and the soul within the beginning. Bells, sing the bells about the rekindling of a burnt out kernel. In fires not reduced to ashes, they sing of joy, they sing of sadness, of belief in life sing the bells!" (thunderous applause and bell ringing) (cheers are heard from the grandstands) (thunderous applause) (applause) (music from "Eugene Onegin" opera playing) The perishing of one of the mightiest and star-studded teams of Russian ice hockey has been an irreparable loss for the entire world community. These were outstanding athletes who gave joy to millions of fans through their wonderful playing. And their contribution to the development of ice hockey will go down in the history of a great sport. The memory of the tragically lost athletes, coaches and colleagues of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team will live on forever in our hearts. (music continues) (applause) With this, the farewell ceremony for the Lokomotiv team comes to a close. (music and applause continue) Our Requiem Night is concluded. Memories of the sports' greatest game and these valiant men reside in our hearts. (music and applause continue) (cheers are heard) (somber music playing)

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Farewell ceremony / tribute to Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team in Minsk, Belarus - September 8, 2011. In Russian with ENGLISH subtitles.

Прощание с хоккейной командой "Локомотив" на «Минск-Арене» 8 сентября 2011 г. Вечер-реквием. На русском языке с английскими субтитрами.

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