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The Great European Debt Casino

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The magic tricks of the EU policies Hello friends of Magic For our first trick today we will convert private debt into public debt This trick is very simple We'll just put private debt into the into the finantial markets hat Three taps of the magic wand One, two, three And here's the result Private debt is converted into public debt Let's now see how the trick works First we must create a private debt For that we will make sure that the speculators money freely circulates around the world And that with the cumplicity of fiscal havens none of it pays taxes As for the banks we will allow them to have huge debts and invest the people's money in the Grand Finantial Casino speculating on everything it can find Zero! The house wins! Since market is "self-regulatory" then "there is no risk of destabilization" What happens now? Since we have a large private debt which is impossible to pay We enter in the second part of our magic trick States will ask the finantial markets for money And will help the banks who created this wreck by generating an immense public debt which will be paid by the tax payer and his descendants who will obviously agree to this without asking for anything in return And now, how will we pay the holes Caused by this speculative party? Let's see. From the highest rents we'll take a little, not much since we don't want an angry dominating minority From the middle and low rents we take a bit more, since they won't notice it and because they're the majority so it's the democratic thing to do From the companies we'll also take something but with the labour reform it's a bargain And from the banks? Something symbolic Because if they pay taxes they will cut credit and that's not helpful for the crisis Well, now we have to distribute this money For the Defense, a bunch of it since the world is full of threats For paying interest on the debt, a lot as well It's fair to pay what you owe Health, Education, Retirements... An itty bit to each won't harm no one And if we reduce their budget public services will become so awful that we'll have the perfect excuse for delivering them to major companies Public society is very well informed and is also very critical so it will quickly understand that it must endure all sacrifices And finally my friends this way we'll do everything we've always wanted to do Achieve the European ideal: "Everything for the few" "Nothing for the rest" VISIT ATTAC.TV FOR MORE INFO

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