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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 14:30:00-14:59:59

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Yeah...right. Oh, yes, I shall close it. I have not closed it yet. Okay, just place it on the desktop, right? Okay, then? Closing it. Desktop... Yeah...right click it...okay, then? Yeah, alright. Okay, clicked. Then just...paste it, right? Does it mean you could get it as soon as I paste it? Okay. I am pasting it now...I am doing it? I've already pasted it. Oh, fine, okay, already deleted. I am going to delete this one now. I will...delete it as soon as paste it? Delete the one on desktop? I thought you asked me to delete this one. Okay, deleted. Okay, okay. Okay. I am now selecting it again. Fine, okay, thanks, bye. Captain Chang, shall we go and play ball? — Hey! — Going to play? Well, I am not, I will not. Wow, somebody playing this one, no room for basketball any more. Well, no basketball today. How does it play? — Could I join you? — Come. It happens that you need one...thank you. — This one is similar to...volleyball. It is similar. — It is called Volleyball Simplified Version. — Then, the rules? — Rules, play, all same. — Mine. — Come, it isyour ball. Good one. Mine. — You good, you can play this one. — Thanks. OMG, I missed. I haven't played it. — Come... — Come, your ball! Do it again. I am not sure if I could serve a ball. Too hard. Like this, okay. Oh, no. Make it up. — As long as you make the ball the other side, it's fine. — Oh, oh. — Three times. — Must get it over within three times. Oh, you can have it three times on this side? You alone can only have it once. Three times at most. Come...oh. Make it up. Ya! Why I can not make it up. Like this. — No rush. — Yeah, yeah, yeah. You make the ball up, then leave to team mates to push to the other side. Your ball. Your ball. Good one! Make it up. Your ball. Good one. — Come, it's yours. — Hit it downwards. Good. Yours! — Good one! — Good one! — Yours again! — You do it. Hit my fingers. Play the ball. — Ouch...go! — Yours. Good one. Would you please not compete within. Yes. — Go. — Hit it to the other side. Oh, no. Perhaps hit my palm. Just to my palm. — Come, do it again. — Do it, do it hard. Ouch. — Yours. — Oh, no. — Askew a bit. — Askew. Work hard to learn how to make the ball up. Good one. Good one. Go the other side. Oh. The more you play, the fiercer you are. Play hard, hard. Go...good one. — Good one. — You good, really good. Oh! Askew again. Oh! To my hand again. Good one. What's that? Good one. — Go, go, go. — I am not going to take it, I think it's very close to you. — You play very well even left-handed. — Really? Oh, it is just like this. Oh, then I know it. Wow! Go over, go straight over. Great! Take your time. Good! Great! Pass it to me. — Your ball. — Oh. Good ball! Oh. Yours. Mine. Good one. Go. Car. — Go. — They won't make it. Go. — Good one. — Good one. is very tiresome like this. — Go. — Go. What, too early. You did it too early. Good one! Football! Good one! Go! Yours, hurry up. Good one! — Yours! — Good one! Go! Good one. Go. Good one. Go. Go. Go! Good one! Hit straight forward. Go! Good one! Hi, couldn't follow it! Good one! It's the other side. Mine! Go! What, couldn't reach. I could not make it! Good one. Go! Good one! What, always askew. You attempted deceptive movement. Good one, make it over. Mine. Go. — Oh. — Great. — Mr Wang, come! — Oh no, look at my arms and legs. No worries, just for fun. — Come on, you do it, and I take a rest. — My arm can't do it. You carry on. So tired! I almost could not take it. Too tired. Oh, haven't exercised in so long, it is a pain now. — Come back, otherwise there are only five left. — Really? — Yeah, carry on. — Oh? Are you making fun of my heavy breathing? Just for fun, you know it's for fun only. Okay, it's over. We should push it forward. He is fast. — Good. — Mine! Your ball! Anyway, this one, it's much better than the volleyball. Come on. — Come, just for fun, Chen Ting. — I do not play. Just for fun! Come, your ball! How? It might hurt my ankles if play. Go over! Go. — Where's Yang Kun? — Yang Kun...he's not here today. What! On my figures again. Good one! Great! Ouch, too old to be good, I do not know how to play any more. Let it be! Go! Good one! Take your ball. Come on in. Come on! Come on, we need you two. Come and play! Here are two foreigners videotaping. Go! Do it again! — Again! — Go! Great! — Here you go! — Good one. Go! Dang it! Thanks! Oh, here comes a car. Oh, out. Nice shot. Nice shot. — Out of bounds. — Go. Good. My turn. There are two boys. As a matter of fact, my hand hurts haha. Go over. Good one. Go. Oh...too bad. Good one. It didn't go. — Kinda soft. — Yeah. Your turn. Oh, no. Good one. Good one. Too bad. Oh, can't make it. I wasn't expecting it. Good one. You guys carry on, I need to rest. My arms hurts, did not make it. — Mine, mine. — Oh, mine. — Thank you. Bye for now. Bye! — Okay. — Bye bye. — No more playing? Yeah! Oh, so tired, hardly walk. Hey, Dongxi, are you leaving?

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
Views: 53
Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan takes a break from work and wants to play basketball. She leaves the office to look for her colleague who works with her on the K165 train line from Xi'an to Kunming. Downstairs another work unit has already started a volleyball match. She joins in that game instead.

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