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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -14:30:00 - 14:59:59

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And then... I'm at 5.6 and ... I have ... many problems, because this camera can't go any lower... and yes, it's automatic. - I will put it in silent mode. - Ok. [Phone rings] Hello? Hi? Who is that? No. Don't you understand? Hello? Yeah. [Phone rings] Yes, hello? Yes, it's me. Yes, it is. That was in 2008 to 2009, right? Ok. Ah, can you call me back Thursday night? Ah, ok. Ok. Ok, fine. Thank you. Good day. Thank you, bye. Have you had this Harley for a long time? - I ... No, not very long, just for 4 years. I've always had motorcycles, and then four years ago, I went by boat to Quebec in February and I visited the motorcycle show, where I drove a SD35 Sportouring, which was more comfortable for the passenger than this bike. Then I saw this model, the Harley Davidson. Harleys had never fascinated me before because they made motorcycles that vibrated, and that were less equitable in the long term. This model here however... the engine was designed in collaboration with Porsche and has been called a motoring evolution. The bike is very reliable, it doesn't make too much noise, it doesn't vibrate... it runs as smoothly as a Japanese-made motorbike, with a little more roar. Like I said the passenger seat is not attached because it is not very comfortable, but because I normally go out on the bike alone, my wife has often offered to come with me. I said to myself... I will buy this motorbike for... when she wants to come with me. That was... I said four years... it's actually three years ago, three years. I bought it in 2010. It's a great bike, because as you can see, I have not much time to clean it, because of my family life, work, and activities. It takes 20 to 25 minutes to wash this bike, and because it is matt black, there is no chromium, and no scrubbing involved. I can do it all in half an hour. [Evelyn laughs] Hello, I am the director, Karen. - Hello! Hi, how are you? - Hi. Are you ok? - Yeah. What are they... researching? - Oh, it's nothing serious. Since when have researchers ever hurt anyone? Sorry! What are they going to do do- follow us? - No. - Ah yes. How's it going? - Well... it's only until 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. - Oh yes! It's a good thing that my kids aren't here, because... if, like them, I have nothing to do, I wash a car. - Ok! I have nothing to do. I was never a fan of pickup trucks before two years ago. My old car with which I used to travel to Champlain in winter had to be towed 4 times during one winter. The fifth time was the the final time, and it was towed directly to the Ford dealer where they gave car credits, and exchanged them for this pickup. In the months when I have to set sail at two o'clock in the morning I don't want to panic. I want many mornings like that. We understand.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
Views: 61
Posted by: globallives on Oct 1, 2013

Pierre cleans his motorcycle in his driveway. He takes his motorbike for a ride, meets his wife in their SUV and then cleans his truck.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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