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My life was a Pandora's box had pair of friends, but none of heart none called me to see if i am fine they were just behind the hundred bucks hypocrites had a thousand masks, they were not my brothers, wanted the money if I given good if not i was a silly quiet shark as I saw you fin My mother's advice I don't picked because it was a stubborn people that i helped said I'm a pig I gave him a thousand times and one no, that seems, defame me, were the bread and fish now blow through listening to the thunder and lightning, they were just full of poison snakes I'm going to forward, because God told me in a cult, I remove bad friend and I put good friends (there are people that walk with you wishing you death, people who walk with you and are making you cheat) (I percent here the glory of God but will stay with the desire that they walk alone, and God walks with you) Hector became, for me that is scared or are looking for or is that muddy God spoke in his ear and said I have tired son is with me rather than in bad company You may be surprised at hearing this but God will not contain the man forever So judge me and say I'm a coward, God said to wake up, that I was running late is getting late to ready not to play him to take my cross and follow Jesus Christ now not going to see what my eyes are seeing, but my people believe a certain I understand I have since I was like a blind man walking, but inside the house was crumbling me laughed my face, my heart is crying, you understand me because this you are walking My pastor told me that it is running out, that there is no one now has four sides Mothers are crying, kids with guns are going and father to their daughters being violated people are empty, for depression are committing suicide, come time of hunger, how is happening? people continue to ignore the word, my people open your eyes the devil is pulling us today i says all, as Christ in the word said, that God first before my father and my son thank the Lord for this cup pass from me for more than you have with the vacuum you meet I like a clown, with my head held high and the life winning me assault for assault Many who say I want to be like dying Hector and I vacuum and crying in my room and crying and saying Lord I need you keep me, or i suicide and came a voice from heaven saying Hector money buys only good times I am the eternal life and the path way think again that we live in paddocks time, imagine that tonight I look to my church Your salvation can not buy with money Hector you who say that life has given you so much, before you were bad and now want to be a saint say what they want I do not come to please men, I welcome to Christ with his hand I wipe my tears Yes Christ, Christ spoke to me and said, Hector I promise that you will heal your son heal your son because I am truly heal your son what didn't the money Lord because I always gave you back that I preferred the fame, money and skirts when I die, you answered to me, Lord came on time, you never you take too to me that something about you and me apart as a scoundrel, Son Rise cool and your mouth shut that would mean I have chosen thee to shame the man and be my warrior to the last battle because here I am Lord I extend my hand because I know the battle that I will not be in vain even tempt me and want me to change your message to good say good and evil say evil Hector this fan, which blur, I'm going to the church when God touches me and though I'm empty, i take it easy Child but what would happen if tonight, come to seek your soul

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Posted by: kevinmeneses on Apr 26, 2011

La cancion de Hector Delgado antes conocido como "el father"

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