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GDn3242 PGF2 ExportPackage

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and let's say we have a brand new project. Well, obviously I've imported my PGF2 assets. Now it's time to set up my working example. Now, what I like to do is even though the experiment doesn't know about the lab per se, doesn't know about your name folder, I always pretend that I'm working in the lab environment. Even if it's just the Go To Training. So, I start off by following the common naming scheme for everything in here, which is last name, first name, lab ID. So, if you're ever naming anything, make sure it's last name, first name, lab ID. If your forget what the naming convention is, look in the other file, look in the docs, last name, first name, lab ID. So, for me it would be Maxwell_Chris, now my first name is actually Christopher, but Chris is a professional nickname. Some people come through and they say their nickname is Monkey Toes or Gorilla Fingers, you know, whatever the case may be. That I find rather humorous, but it's not professional. I can't actually identify you on FSO because there is no nickname system anymore. Just be professional and if you have a nickname that's acceptable, go ahead and feel free to use it because I know long names can eat up a lot of screen real estate. Alright, so I've created my root folder, or my top folder, that means all my work should be contained within it. I'm going to set a series of folder structures just to house everything that will probably be in my project, such as prefabs. I'm sure I'll have a prefab, more than one. I know for a fact I'll have some scripts, so create some scripts. I probably will end up having some art, so let me put some art in there. And you can argue that prefabs go into art or whatever the case may be. Let's say materials and maybe even some textures. Oh, and scenes. I'll probably want to at least have one scene. So let me go ahead and make a scene's folder. That's probably all that we need, we may need to make more later on. There's not much going on in this scene, but I'm going to go ahead and save it. "Save Scene As", browse into my scenes folder. Again, what name does it need to be? It's last name, first name, and then the lab ID. Lab ID being the week ID. So if it's week 1, lab 1, week 2, lab 2, week 3, lab 3. Alright, so we really haven't done much in here, but we have a folder structure in place, we have our file in place, so let's pretend that this is the end of the week, or maybe you're just practicing this process just to make sure you have it down right, but when you're ready to submit or when you want to make a back up, or when you just want to test the process, simply right click go to "Export Package..." or you can go to "Assets", "Export Package" whatever menu that you want to go through. And you can see the files and folders that are going to be exported. Admittedly, people usually don't click on their folder to export it for whatever reason. Maybe you're not paying attention, maybe you're just tired because it's 2AM and you're been working all night, whatever the case may be and you just say "Hey, Export." Well as you can see it's trying to export a bunch of different things. There's a ton of standard assets, which bloats the package. There's a ton of just data that would slow down the bandwidth of FSO when you upload it or download it. And we really just don't need all those assets. You don't nee the PGF2 assets, why, because I already have those on my side. You don't need the standard assets, why, because I have those on my side as well. They're standard assets. PGF2 is standard to this class. So those are two things that we don't need right away. But when all else fails, it's very easy for me to spot it, locate your folder, your name folder, last name, first name, lab ID. Simply select it and then anything that's underneath it, underneath the root or the top folder, will be automatically selected just as you saw there. And that ensures that everything that you've been working on that you've hopefully placed in this folder correctly, will be exported into this package. And then none of the PGF2 stuff, none of the standard assets will be exported. If you look at the lab submission guidelines those are some grade deductions that are included. Just to cut down on some bandwidth on our servers. Well when you're ready, find a good spot on tour hard drive to export to. And we have to name it, so obviously it's gonna be last name, first name, lab ID. Like such. Simply save it. It opens on the other screen here. So I have my Lab 1 Unity Package and I have my excel sheet here renamed last name, first name, lab ID. I'm going to go ahead and create a zip file. Now you may be on the Mac side, which has a different work flow for creating a zip file. Or maybe you're on the windows side and you're just using the built in operating systems zip handler. Well I use a third party client. Some of you will use WinZip or Zip7. I'm really old school, I like using Winrar. Now, it's not the format of Winrar, it just happens to be the client application. Again, last name, first name, and your lab ID. And for me, I just drag and drop. I believe you have the option to send zip as well. So I zip myself. And that's really what your zip file should contain. These two files: the unity package with everything that needs to be included for the scene, for the scripts, the prefabs, whatever it takes to run your lab. And of course features sheet so that I know what features you worked on. So that when I grade I can focus on those areas. So, again, export your package. Once it's exported drop it into a zip file. The zip file should only contain those two files and you're good to go. And one thing that you should probably do is after you've uploaded to FSO, download that zip file, extract your unity package, and test it in a brand new, fresh project. Which only contains the standard assets in the PGF2 assets and as long as your game works, then you should be good to go. But the main thing is to test it in a separate project. If you just re-import it into your current project, you could have files that are missing outside of this folder.

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GDn3242 PGF2 ExportPackage

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