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Chinese Eating Etiquette (Finalized)

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Lets have our dinner right now It's time for dinner. Let's have our dinner. Mom, here's your food Very good boy, you son Chong Wei! Why are you eating? I thought you're suppose to let your elders eat first? See your mother haven't eat yet, why are you eating now? Sorry, Ah Pa. Okay, I'll forgive you. You must be like your elder brother. You must give the elder first. Choong Wei, don't eat like this. This is very messy you know. You're not facing other people at the table and this is disrespectful. Choong Wei, this is the way we should eat. But mother, what is the reason we should eat like this? So, the reason why we should always eat with our bowl on top is because we need to show respect. When you're eating with your face down, it's like showing disrespect to your family. It's not good, it's not appropriate. So, you must always eat your food above your mouth. You must hold on to your bowl and eat. Okay? Understand? Eh, Choong Wei. You don't dig the food on the table. It's disrespect for the others at the table. Pick up the food nicely. Choong Wei, don't dig the food like that. It shows disrespect for the others. You know, you're leaving the unwanted food for the others by taking your favourite ones. Ah Hua, why is your daughter texting even thought we are eating our dinner right now? I don't know what to say. Now the generation, the current generation. Mother, is it okay if we text when we are eating? Xin Mei, you must understand. You do not text when we're having dinner now, lunch or when you're having your food with your family. It's not good and it's very disrespectful. Even thought, your brother din't play with his phone when they are eating you shouldn't do that. Understand? Hows the food? Is the food nice? Are you all satisfied with the food or not? Satisfied? No, i don't like these. I prefer western food. Eh, Choong Wei. Has anyone died here? How could you put your chopsticks like this? This is not good, it represents someone died on this table. So take it off. Faster. What does the chopsticks sticking in the rice bowl means? Okay, you see. Actually the chopsticks represents something. You know, when you're sticking you chopsticks on your rice bowl It actually represents joss sticks. It's like you're praying to the dead Nobody died here right? Touch wood. So why would you want to stick your chopsticks on the bowl? Yeah, the chopsticks represents the incense on the urn. So Choong Wei, you must remember never ever put your chopsticks onto the bowl. Sticking it vertically. Understand?

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