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Keynote Presentation: Implementing large scale Machine Translation in Patent Information

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen I would like first of all thank the organizers for giving me the opportunity to speak here The honor to be able to kick off the conference with the keynote As you can see I am going to be talking about the implementation of machine translation in a relatively large scale environment And am going to look at it from an end-users perspective So while I know the conference is going to talk about a lot of technical details on machine translation and localization. This presentation is very much from an end users perspective. From a large end-users perspective With me today also is one of my team members who also happens to be, by the way, the MT expert in my team So if you have any specific questions later on in the break, I would be very happy to introduce you and you will get all the details that you would like With that let me go through and have a quick look at the agenda with you So what I would like to talk about first of all is just give you a very quick introduction on who we are no marketing slides don't worry just to give you a bit of an appreciation of where we fit and then go onto to talk about the challenges related to MT from our perspective, how we had been dealing with MT in the past. And how we are evolving our systems. And a few comments on the remaining challenges that remain. To give you a bit of an idea on who we are Lexis Nexis is a name that you might not have heard before, we are part of the Reed Elsevier group, which is pretty large in scientific, medical, technical data content providers, about 20,000 employees, 400 companies globally. And Lexis Nexis is a strong player in business content, legal and patent information. The organization I look after is very small. We are a small part of the organization, but in the patent world we are a prime supplier of information.

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Year: 2009
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Posted by: asiaonline on Dec 11, 2009

Localization and Translation Thailand 2009
Day 1 Keynote Presentation: Implementing large scale Machine Translation in Patent Information
- Andrew Rufener, COO, LexisNexis Univentio
Twitter: #LTBKK

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