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Debbie you're very welcome. It's lovely that you can be here. You are the, with John your husband, the national directors for the Vineyard Churches in the UK and Ireland and you run, or you lead the Trent Vineyard in Nottingham. And so you have a sort of countrywide focus, as well as real understanding of what it is to be embedded in the local church. When you pray thy kingdom come, or when you're part of a group of people praying, in one way or another in the words they use, the meaning of thy kingdom come, what, what are you expecting? What's in your heart? Oh goodness. I'm expecting heaven to open wide. I'm expecting the rule and reign of God to be experienced by all people on this earth and it starts at the micro level. For example? So, for example, a young man in our church, Dom, he felt the Lord speak to him to go to stand outside the Queen's Medical Centre. He goes there just on a hunch, sensing that he is a child of God, obedient to His call, working within the extending of God's Kingdom. He stands there, he meets a man called Charlie who's sitting in a wheelchair and he says “Charlie, I want to just tell you some Good News” and he starts sharing about Jesus and he says “Can I pray for you?” He prays for the man and the man experiences the Holy Spirit in a profound way. The man says to him “This is amazing. Can you pray for my mother? She really needs help right now.” So he dials the phone, he gives it to her. Dominic starts speaking to Charlie's mother, while two friends of Charlie come up and Dominic had two friends with him and they say what's going on to Charlie. He says “What he’s done to me, you need it.” So they receive prayer and experience the Holy Spirit. They, along with Charlie, open their hearts to Jesus. Then while Dominic’s still on the phone, another woman comes. Says “Charlie, what's going on here?” [laughter] and she says what's happened and he says “You’ve got to get Dom to pray for you.” and he ends up praying or her and she too opens her heart to Jesus. So this... is the sense that when God breaks in, all heaven breaks out. Yes. I think so. I think I think what's so interesting about this statement, is that when Jesus gave it to His disciples the context was, he, God is your father and so when people come in to an awareness of asking God for His Kingdom to come, they’re actually, it's an invitation to participation, it’s an agreement to participate. So people start be mobilised and we see what Jesus did, we see what happened when Jesus modelled what it was to minister in the realm of extending the Kingdom of God. And so, I mean I was recently in a part of the world where rising sea levels are taking away people's entire countries, not just their homes, in the Pacific, with a group of wonderful Anglican leaders who are doing extraordinary work across that region. You look at that and for them, when they pray thy kingdom come, what do you expect for them, when they are in the middle of such suffering and such threat? [yes, yes] Well in one sense, we hope and long for an inbreaking that is so powerful that it would reverse some of the damage that we have done in the way that we have cared for the planet and some of the things that have come about on a massive scale. At the beginning of it, I would expect them to feel a tremendous sense of God’s presence, with them in the suffering, in the despair. And then I would also expect certain miracles to be happening, from, at a sort of micro level as well. You know, people, food multiplying, or you know, somebody being healed in the midst of it. Signs that God is with them. It begins brings tremendous comfort. At the same time, the more of us who pray this prayer, really we should expect the unexpected and we can expect the reversal of some of these things. But that's huge. I mean it's huge. It's difficult to completely give you an answer to that, because in a real sense we live in a time of the now and the not yet. There is a tension that we live in. The Kingdom of God is breaking in and so there's a sense of the now of the Kingdom, but then there's this despair, longing cry of the prayer your kingdom come, because we’re yearning for more. We yearning for heaven to come. We’re yearning for Christ's return. But we don't know the hour, or the day. But we yearn and we get ready. Thank you Debby, very much indeed.

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