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Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

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Here we go. So, I know I said we're going to Moscow... Yeah. You guys ever hear of Chernobyl? Yeah. Where the nuclear disaster happened. Yes. Have you heard of extreme tourism? You're incredible. Who's coming with Paul to Chernobyl? Chernobyl. [siren] This place was abandoned overnight. They had no time to take anything. Factories, schools, stores, apartments - everything's still there. [geiger counter static] (Russian guide) There is Pripyat. Home to the workers and families of Chernobyl. Reactor #4 - where the disaster happened. (woman) Is it safe? (guide) I have Geiger counter to let us know if the radiation levels are high. Tell me if you see something moving in the water. Aaaaah! [laughs] Anybody else have a story like this? [ticking] [faint child laughter] (guide) We should go now. It's going to get dark soon. [engine turning over slowly] The wires have been destroyed. [guide speaking Russian] Hey, you hear that? [gasp] It sounds like a baby. [clicking] (man) Are you sure we're out here alone? (woman) Oh my god. [yelling] Go-go-go-go! [ Geiger clicking] Is that an animal? Or is it something else? Come on, come on! Where are we going?! We need to find them. If we go back here... (man) Oh, not it's not. (woman) No, we have to go back. [child's laughter] Hello? [scream] (woman) They're following us. They're not following us. They're hunting us. [multiple gunshots] They got him. (man) I'm not leaving without my brother! Please! Help! [screams] [screams] [clicking] [Captions by]

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