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North Boston

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Boston Harbor. The north end awakes quietly. But that doesn't last long. This square mile is part of the original Boston. Settled by the Puritans. The North has since welcomed waves of Irish, Jewish, and Italian immigrants. There is history here. Paul Rever's house. Old North Church, where lanterns one if by land, two if by sea signaled the arival of British troops in Boston Harbor. It's all part of Boston's famous "Freedom Trail". History brings them through this vibrant corner of the city. The shops, cafes, and restaurants bring them back. Oscar of Cafe Paradiso takes his gelato very seriously, and he doesn't kid around with his cappuccino either. Done. This is what happens. What a lot of people do. they might wait for these big bubbles come out. When the big bubbles come out, it's overheated. The milk has no more flavor. And if you can just hear, I'm not even going to go up and down with my hands. To me it's done. Because I hear the sound of milk. I don't need a thermometer. Thermometer for people who doesn't know what's going on. Maria's Pastry Shop is run by sisters Maria and Enza. they've lived here for more than thirty years. Like many long-time north-enders, Enza has noticed a recent change in the local population. Used to be just families. Now there are upper class working people. Couples mostly, and young people, I love to know them. The Itallian section is cozy just like a small town. That's what I came from, you know. We came from a small town. And This is just like everybody knows everybody else. The neighborhod may be changing, but the flavor of Italy still prevails. As night falls, visitors and locals alike face a though decision. Where to eat? And sometimes food isn't all you get. A walk through the north end makes all your senses tingle.

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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 24, 2010

This neighborhood has long served as a first home for many immigrants

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