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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~17:16:03 - 17:31:03

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Zero-zero. Eleven seconds left! I told you to hit me! Oh! ― But I've done two! ― You're three punches behind. One punch. One punch behind. ― Give it to me! ― Give what? I play alone. I haven't played yet! Give it to me. ― What? ― Give it to me! ― He played three times. ― He played two times. ― He played two times! He played two times! ― Hey! Hey! ― Me! ― You'll torture me now. ― I said Roma's playing. ― I'm playing, Vasya! ― I'm not... ― I'm not... ― Vas, I'm... ― Hey, actually Zhanna's playing now. ― Yes. Zhanna's playing now. Now Zhanna, you've played.... She's too... Roma! ― I'm not... Just one time... ― I'll put you in the corner. ― You'll be in the corner... ― You'll be crying in the corner! ― Vas, Vas! ― Come on, stop crying. ― Choose another little guy. Oh my! Hey, zero what was it? Hey! Bug off! ― I'm here. ― Hey, Ilyas... ― I was sitting here! ― Elya! ― What? ― Who's this? ― Your Vasilieva. ― Is she done? ― Yep. Zhanna, come on. You're choosing that stupid girl again! Ok, ok, take it, take it. ― I'll choose another. ― Come on Zhanna! Ready? ― I don't wanna play this little girl! ― So what? Calm down Roma! Calm down! It's the main thing. After Zhanna I play one time... Oh... Zhanna, if you lose I'll play. ― Why are they shooting? ― Roma, be quiet. Why? Shooting a movie. A film. I've told you calm down. ― Ilyas, she hasn't punched me once! ― Yeah! Funny. I've taken a half of her life and she hasn't done anything! ― Till the third? ― Yeah, yeah, till the third. ― Yeah, yeah. I want so. ― Zhannochka! ― Zhanka. ― Come on, Zhanna, hit! Hit, Zhanna! Go, Zhanna! Come on! Two minutes left, Zhanna. One minute. ― Seen how much life? ― Yeah. Did she hit you once? ― Nope! Second round, Ilyas. And now she'll hit you once. ― Vasya. ― What? Stand like this for the whole game. ― You see how much life she's got! The red is her life. ― I know. ― The blue is mine. My life is absolutely full! Don't do this at all, she can hit you on accident. Ah! Now she'll be knocked out! Go, Vasya! Hold on at least. ― Not to get hit once? ― Yeah. Till the third. Oh! Zhanna's got two lives! Zhanna! It's hard to hit Vasya. ― I bet. Hard. ― One life. ― Yes! I've got a full life! Yes! ― Hey, Vasya! Parry! Did she hit you, Vasya? ― No. ― The round's over. Third round! ― Why on me? ― Don't sneeze on him. Vasya! Zhanna, there you go, do it like this and I can't hit ya. ― Of course. ― You sure can't. ― Oh! One punch! ― Vasya! ― One punch! ― One! You should've parried! I tell ya! And you don't listen! ― Don't hit! There, stand like this. ― Ah! Two lives. Zhanna! Vasya! ― You gonna get... ― What? Twenty five minutes! Seven seconds! ― Who won? She'll have zero! ― Yeah, she'll have zero. No, she'll have one. She'll have one. Well, no. She'll have zero! ― I told ya, Ilyas! ― Come on. ― You've played twice. ― You've played two times! Yeah, two times. Have you played twice? You have! Now they will play. And now Zhanna two times. She's played one time. One time. Ready, Zhanna? Let's go! Zhan, Zhan! It's not hitting! Zhan? It's not hitting! How is it not hitting? ― Ilyas, play the same? ― Yeah. ― Try not to make a single strike. ― I will! ― Ilyas. No, I will! ― Are you after Zhanna? ― Yeah, and not you. ― Me! You stink, Zhanna! Let's see. Stop... Zhanna! ― Who are you with? Vasya? ― Yes. Vas, she wants to do something. No! Out of time! Otherwise she'd hit! Vasya will mop ya anyway! We'll choose one guy, and will not choose anymore! Right, Ilyas? No, no, no! Like yours, Ilyas. Yes! Yeah! Now we'll be turning away. Oh, Vasya! There! Two strikes! ― Ilyas, move please. ― Nope. How many missed strikes? ― How many hits did he make? ― Seven, perhaps. ― How many hits? ― You'll lose! Ilyas, she's got one life left! The main thing for me is to score a hit. Two minutes, Vasya. I think... One minute. Oh! Knockdown! Oh! Zhanna, you got up? Vasya, you're nuts! You're nuts, nuts! Vasya! There, Vasya is winning... Not hard now. It's one minute. You've got one life! Well, Zhanna? Come on, win. I've got one life. Come on, hit! Ah! Didn't work, Zhanna! Didn't work, Zhanna! Vasya, Vasya, go! Do a little bit. Haha! Zhanna! You're gonna get it! Zhanna's gonna get it! Zhanna's gonna get it! Vasya! Don't do knockout. ― Oh, Vasya! ― Like Vasya's life... ― I wanna play tennis. Tennis! Holy cats! We'll play one game! ― Box! ― Hey, stop yelling! ― Oh, shoot! Hit her on accident! Hit! Hit A! A! Eight! Nine! Ten! ― Let's play tennis now. ― Yes! I'm first! I'm playing first with Vasya. ― I'm playing now! ― No, the line's the same, but we'll play tennis now. ― Ah! Another man. Vas, choose another man. ― No! You won't play if you freak out again. ― Yes, the longest! ― Second. ― The longest! Switch on the longest for me when I play. ― You're on the other side, Roma! ― I know. ― Hit A. ― Roma, you've missed. ― Ready, Romka? ― Yes. Oh! Vas, Vas! Wait, don't hit! I'll put this on. Is it necessary? Hit him with a super-serve. One! Counting till three. One! Two! Three! You're on the other side! Don't worry, that'll take time. ― You stink! ― You stink. ― Roma's serving. ― Hit it! ― Come on, Rom. ― Super-serve! ― Whatcha talking about? Your servings on Vasya's... ― Oh! ― Hey, wake up! ― Zhanna, I missed it. Zhanna was passing here and I didn't see the ball. ― You stink! ― No. You stink. ― Hey, Vasya. ― Oops! ― Wake up! ― Yes! Cracking jokes? ― There, the super-serve! ― Wow! ― Hey! ― Come on, Vasya! ― It's a super-serve. I didn't expect it. Don't let my little man down! Wow! Don't dance! Don't dance! Hey, don't dance! Oh, shoot! Hey! ― If I win, I'll play again. ― No. ―Yes! ― No. ― Yes. Who wins, plays. ― No. ― Yes. ― No. Get it, Roma! Ah! Roma! Ah! Roma! You stink, Roma. Ah! Roma! ― Oops! Why are you hitting, Roma? ― It's a super-serve! ― It's not a super serve. ― You don't need a super-serve. There. There. ― Hit a goal to myself! ― That's it, Rom, you won't win anymore. ― Vas, don't sleep! ― Don't worry. Goal. You stink! Now you'll get him shut out... It's Vasya's serve! Vasya, do a super-serve. ― Don't wanna. ― Huh! Don't wanna. I'll do without a super-serve! Hey, Roma! Hey! Fourty-zero! ― You stink. ― Done, Roma. Next. ― Gimme, Roma. ― Wait, I'll watch. ― Yeah, you'll watch! ― Why did you let my little girl down? ― Roma, if you're sulky, you're not playing. ― Stop freaking out. ― Roma's got something! ― Ready? ― You're a girl. ― I'll... ― I know without your prompts, Zhanna! ― That's it, sick of you. ― Hey, Vas. ― That's it. Ready? ― Yes. Ah! Hoots! ― Hoots! ― What? Haha! Ilyas! You think it's so easy to get rid of me? Mistaken. ― I'm after Zhanna. ― Mistaken. ― Zhan, you'll play one time? ― Oh! Ouch! ― Why? ― Everybody's playing one time. ― Ilyas! You've played two. Ilyas's played two. And you... And now...

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 11, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 17:15-17:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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