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The Legend of Killer Killer Episode 5

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♫♫ Hoidan Zeday and Human people got what is hero legend. The legend of how people be strong over bad happening. I tell you very oldest hero legend Hoidan Zeday got. Is legend of Narghay Narghay. Name is mean Killer Killer. Greatest, oldest Hoidan Zeday hero. Teaches us story for tell at fire. Every year cycle, before cold and snow come, Hoidan Zeday get much hungry for do sex. [mating calls] Adult got no babies, go look for other families got hungry for sex adults for mating. All young adults talk about is mating. [talking laughing] Ask for story about mating. [Talking, laughing] Ask where good for go, find mates. [talking, laughing] Then they go together, look for mates and get pregnant. They ask Awza Drun ay ready this year, go find mates, hyegh? Ay don't do. Other young adult say maybe ay is not adult, is baby. They tell ay feels good to mate . They try show ay how do it. [Fake moans} Ay don't go. This make a worry for family. They love Awza Drun, want ay be happy, but ay say, no, Ay never mate have childs. Family say this no good. They say, go mate. Awza Drun go, but ay don't mate. Family think Awza Drun go with young adults. Young adults think Awza Drun stay home. When young adults don't want mating more, they go home to famly to eat and grow babies in they. They see, Awza Drun not with family. Family see Awza Drun not with young adults. They worry ay don't come home. [calling] They think predator eat ay. [calling] Ay fall off a cliff.[calling] They don't know and they sad. [crying,moaning] To be continued ...

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Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Cynthia Echterling
Director: Cynthia Echterling
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Posted by: cdechterling on Feb 27, 2011

It's mating season. Need I say more?

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