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[ENG] Lipstick Prince Season 1 EP02

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(The 2nd Princess comes to the Lipstick Prince) Princess, please come out (Her appearance catches 7 Princes' heart!) I like manly men (There's no other manly man like him exists in this world) I'll do it for you I can talk comfortably with you, right? Since I'm looking at her close, she looks beautiful (Blunt confessions with daring skinships) Isn't the level of the skinship too deep? (Burning) (Their beauty scandal starts now!) (The ones who come in pleasingly are the maknae line Rowoon and Doyoung) Hello. Yes, hello DY: We're here again after a week. RW: Yes, after a week.. (Still shy~) (Still nervours~) RW: Eungkwang sunbaenim won the first place last week, right? RW: But I feel like I'm feeling greedy DY: Ever since last week, I thought I should try harder in applying make up The princes who were so awkward last week, wonder how (Harmony!) Our princes have now changed~ DY: It's nice to see you guys YK: We get really comfortable after the first episode (Followed by the entrance of the soul combo) What is this...this dazzling feeling...? (The entrance of the MC and the First Placed Prince) They're here! Long live..1st Prince..! HC: This is our first prince from last time, right? EK: Isn't there any first-class seat here? HC: Come here, come here EK: Nice, nice P.O: I was the second, right? HC: So there's a special seat and stuff for the second place too? HC: These two with the same age are sitting together again DY: We're talking comfortably now HC: That's right, you guys should be comfortable with each other EK: Should I, hyung? (Banmal) P.O: Hyung, have you eaten? (Banmal) HC: Yes, I have Finally! Hyungnim, you're here? But this looks like... like bodyguards..the bodyguard and the gangster EK: Tony hyung, you're here? EK: We've decided to talk comfortably (Our Eunkwang..have gone to far..though) Tony: Who? EK: Sorry Tony: It seems like Eunkwang is plucky~

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Posted by: eternallyuta_ on Apr 29, 2017

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