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Hey y'all, it's me Cheryl. Are you ready to see your Mid-February brochure? Are you ready to talk about what matters most? Before we got to the brochure guys, let's talk about your brand new dating gift and your brand new five-piece Heat 'N Serve host gift special. Now, first of all dating gift, guys. This is our six ounce little wonder and I love this. It is the perfect size for all of those things that you know you're gonna want the very next day, but you don't want the big old bowls. Six ounce's perfect for dating those Tupperware parties, guys, and you know in my world, they get one when I walked through the front door. They also get a second one when they have ten guest or more at their party. I give my host a third when she has at least one date waiting before I get to the party. And they get their fourth one for have 100 dollars or more and paid outside order. So, they have a collection of four of our six ounce little wonder. This is the right size bow, it's just the wrong color. Which brings me to our five-piece Heat 'N Serve, y'all. This is the correct sizes but, they are in the wrong color. Your sample and your host are gonna come in this beautiful peacock color. So, why do I love our Heat 'N Serve, y'all? Well, first of all, let me show you guys the benefits of the Heat 'N Serve. First of all, guys, we sent this two back to college to get its Master's degree. And the reason we call it the Heat 'N Serve, guys, is because you literally put this entire container in the microwave and you set it, and you forget it, literally. Because it self-vent itself. Okay, guys. So, what makes the Heat 'N Serve different from the Vent 'N Serve? Now, on the Vent 'N Serve remember, you actually have to pull up on this little tab before you put this in your microwave. But remember, with the Heat 'N Serve, y'all, all you have to do is just put the seal on, stick it in the microwave, and it vents itself for you. How awesome is that? Now, they're gonna get two of the oval sizes and they're gonna get three of our square sizes. So, you have the perfect sizes for all those plan-ahead meal that you're going to be storing in your freeze and or in your refrigerator. Now, another thing you want to share in all of you Tupperware parties is how easy it is to open up our Heat 'N Serve. So, this is when I tell everybody at my parties, guys. Once you have the seal on you want to open this up and just go: press down left, right, left. Okay? So, left, right, left. And to put the seal on you just simply push down, voila! It's on. How easy is that, y'all? And another great thing about the Heat 'N Serve, y'all, if you'll notice on the bottom it actually has it's one little cone built into it, y'all. Not sure if you can see it on the video but, right here, guys, this is dome. So, it allows even re-heating in the microwave. And guess what, y'all? Our Heat 'N Serve it also is stay cool to the touch hand. So, you don't have to worry about burning yourself when you taking this out of the microwave. Now, is this freezer safe? Yes! Is it refrigerator safe? Yes! And is it microwave safe? Yes! Your host are gonna won this five-piece host gift special. And another thing that's different in this brochure, y'all, is this five-piece host gift special is only $500 and 2 datings in the US, $600 and 2 datings in Canada. So, you'll notice in the brochure, your host can take the-- When they have a $1,000 dollar party in two datings in the US, $1,100 and 2 datings in Canada they can choose the five-piece Heat 'N Serve set and the complete stack cooking set or the can take the $500, $600 in Canada host gift special from the catalog along with their Stack Cooker set, guys. So, they have options at a $1,000 and 2 datings, $1,100 and 2 datings in Canada. How awesome is that? This Heat 'N Serve set is the exact saying "Host gift special level is the one that you find in your catalog." So, y'all ready to go out and date some Tupperware party? Say, "Yes." Say, "Sí." Say, "Oui." Okay, guys. So now, what's inside your brochure? Guess what y'all? Our Clearly Elegant is on sale. And you know what, y'all? It's on sale with a brand new seal color. And I have to tell you all, these bowls are one of my favorites. And at my Tupperware parties I always talk about, you know what y'all? Where else can go and get a bowl that you fill with any kind of fruit desert or anything that you want to put in here and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. It looks like glass. But guess what y'all? It has the durability of Tupperware. And where else do you get a bowl as pretty as this that comes with an air-tight, liquid-tight seal? Only Tupperware does that for y'all. So, you know what, guys? This four-piece bowl is your purchase with purchase in your brochure. So, let's talk about how your guest can get to this four-piece bowl set. First of all, y'all. You know what we also have in your brochure that's on sale? And it is our luncheon plate. We're calling this Party Plates, guys, because who doesn't want to use this at their Tupperware party? Now, once again right size, wrong color. Your guest will be receiving theirs in white. So, it compliments its entire set. And the great things about this Party Plates, y'all, is how it raised edge all the way around it. So, this is great if you have foods that kind of want to leak out to the side. No messes anywhere on the table. And for those little ones when they're learning how to feed themselves, this is also really great, guys, because they can actually take the spoon and go up on the outside of the raised edge and the food is still here on the spoon, not all over the floor, guys. So, love the Party Plates, y'all. We also have--your customer have been asking for 'em. And it is our stemless wine glasses. Now, whether you're serving wine, whether you're serving orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice or you just want 'em for water, y'all, I love these glasses. It is the perfect size, guys. And if you'll notice, they compliment your Clearly Elegant set amazingly. We have a set of four on sale in your brochure. But, we're not done, y'all, because we have another P with P and it is your small Clearly Elegant bowls, guys. And your customer can take advantage of this two sets when they have their highest P with P spent in the brochure. So, let's talk about how you can take this entire set and make it your customers? Okay, guys. So, not only it's a P with P, but it's also your attendance offer on the back of your brochure. So, I'm gonna build your set. First of all, guys. When your customers take advantage of the set of four of our 10 ounce Stemless Wine Glasses and they add the Party Plates and they add the attendance offer at your Tupperware parties, that takes them to spin that they will need to add the four-piece Clearly Elegant bowl set. Because remember, y'all, this four-piece bowl set is your P with P. But, you know what, y'all? When they add this four-piece bowl set, they then can add another set of your small Clearly Elegant bowl which now gives them a set of four. So, you know what, y'all? Just picture this. They now have a set of eight Clearly Elegant bowls and they also have a set of four of our Party Plates, and four of our 10 ounce Stemless Wine Glasses. But, the great thing is, y'all, your customer can add two. So, they need a set of eight, they can get another set of Party Plates and they can get add another set of the 10 ounce glasses. And you can share at your Tupperware parties that your guest: they can set a beautiful table for Easter. And they can serve in style in elegance when they're using our Tupperware products. Okay, y'all. And your savings continue with a Tisket a Tasket. We have your Easter basket. Now, everything I'm gonna show you right now, y'all, is all the right products. We just don't have all of the right color but, trust me your samples and your customer's will be correct. So, let's start with those Easter basket. You know what, y'all, we have our 14.5 cup canister. And when your customers buy one, they get the second one at half-off, y'all. And don't you love these colors? This pretty green and this pretty yellow, y'all? They are neutral-gender friendly guide for one for boy, one for the girl. And the great thing about this is it comes with the seal and it comes with the handle. So, when those kids are out doing their Easter egg hunts, guys, when they're all done, you can put the seal right on top of this. Seal it up and all of those goodies stay right where they supposed to. And then, you can also take this and use it as a centerpiece on your table, guys, by filling this up with a lot of pretty Easter grass and then filling the inside of the canister with some Easter goodies. Speaking about Easter goodies, why not give a gift that they're gonna be able to use over and over again like our Disney Baby's. How cute are these, y'all? Okay. So, you're gonna get a set of four of our tumbler with our super-seal and a set of four of our snack cup, guys. You can take this and you now have four individual Easter gifts or you can split 'em in set of two or you've got a whole set if you have that one child. And we also have, guys, our Robin Rabbit snack set. And it comes with your sandwich keeper and it comes with this adorable rabbit water bottle and of course the little snack set to match. Once again, guys, a great Easter gift. And then you know what, last but certainly not least in my world. And it is our iconic Shape O Toy. It is on sale y'all. Just in time for Easter. So, guys, just like the brochure says A Tisket A Tasket, we have your Easter basket. But we also have everything your customer's need for all of those Easter treats. Okay, guys. So, we're gonna continue because we have everything your costumers are gonna need to make those amazing Easter treat. Starting with, guys, our three-piece mixing bowl set. It's on sale. And you know what, y'all? Mixing bowl set is one of your customer's favorite bowl set of all time. And the great thing about the Mixing Bowl set, guys, is the interior of the bowl it actually has been texturize, so it minimizes the scratching. So, you can actually put your beater right inside here, guys. And they all fold down and nest inside each others. So, easy storage with our three-piece Mixing Bowl set. We also have, guys, exclusive, our silicon oval forming. You know what, y'all? You can make the cutest chocolate eggs using this form, y'all. And then, you know what? You can do your own Cadbury eggs too because you make the form, spill it with your favorite icing, put them together. Who need Cadbury when you got Tupperware? And speaking of filling, we also have our decorator bag on sale for the very first time. And this is the bag that you're gonna use when you're filling all of those chocolate eggs and or you're filling those deviled eggs. You're gonna want to use our decorating bag. Now, we also have for y'all a recipe that you can make a really fun Easter treat using a cake mix, guys. So, you make your cake right inside here. Okay, so now you've got all of these little individual tiny Easter eggs made out a cake mix and then you can take your chocolate, make up your Easter shell and put the chocolate shell on top of the egg. And then, decorate using the decorator bag, guys. I would take this entire page and sell this as your favorite Easter-Egg treat-making set. And guys, the Easter Egg cake recipe you can find it on your Tupperware website under under your Mid-February brochure. Okay, y'all. We also have your tear-off. And it start on February 9th and it ends on March 1st. And what do we have on the tear-off? We're gonna start with the Snack and Stor large, guys. When your customer purchase this, they get not one, not two, but three of our egg insert absolutely free, y'all. And you know what? Your customer are gonna want this because this egg insert are the when you want to take your deviled eggs either to someone's house for a cook-out or maybe you're gonna use it for Easter dinner. But, you can also use this, guys, if you're gonna color your Easter eggs. You can put 'em right inside here and easy transport or you can take this, put your Easter grass and take the inserts out fill this with Easter grass. And you know what, guys? This is a beautiful centerpiece with lots of different colors of Easter eggs inside here. Or if you want to make your candied Easter eggs you can store 'em and take them in our large Snack and Stor, guys. So, lots of different reason your customers are gonna want this container with our three egg inserts, guys, because it's on sale for the next three weeks only. But, we're not done because there's more. Okay, y'all. So, what else do we have? I'm gonna move the large Snack and Stor away and bring in-- When your customers purchase the one gallon pitcher with the infuser, they get the two quart pitcher absolutely free. Guess what y'all? They both come with the infuser. So, I have to tell you, these are the Once again, your customers are gonna want this and they are on sale. Buy the one gallon, get the two quart absolutely free. And the great thing about the infuser, guys, is its super easy to get this on and off. You just simply twist. Filled this with strawberries, lemons, limes any kind of fruits that you want to. Put it back inside here, twist. Whoops. We'll do it this way. Put it inside here, twist, and voilà! And then, to put the seal on, guys, you want to make sure that you tell your customers you simply push, go all the way down and now you have the seal is on nice and tight. And then, to serve, y'all, you simply push in the middle on the tab, lift it up and then you can serve. And it opens it up just enough to be able to serve right out of your one gallon pitcher, y'all. So. remember. Buy the gallon pitcher and your customers get the two quart infuser pitcher absolutely free. Okay, y'all. But, you know what? The savings continue because when you're going to entertain, everybody needs the Chip and Dip bowl in their home, guys. And it is on sale on your tear-off. And here's why I love the Chip and Dip bowl. First of all, it's massive, guys. So, you can put any kinds of chips inside here. If you're doing salsa; you can do a mild salsa on one side you can do a hot salsa on another. Or you if you want to do queso dip, the great thing about this container is the container itself is microwaveable 50 to 70 percent power. So, if you're doing a queso dip and you want to re-heat just take the seal off. Because the seal are not microwaveable. Pop this poppy in the microwave for about 30 seconds on 50 percent power, re-heat. Re-attached it the side and voilà, your <i>queso</i> is good to go, y'all. All you gotta to do is refill the chips. Or if you want to do <i>queso</i> on one side and you can do salsa on another. But, another great thing about our Chip and Dip bowl, guys, is the cover is divided. So, how great is this if you want to serve some easy snack? So, you can also use it for candies and you can also use it for finger sandwiches. And for easy storage you just simply take the-- This is what I do. This is how I stored it in my house, y'all. Take the seal's off. Remember, never ever store your Tupperware with the seal's on. And put the two bowls and the seals and the cover just like this, because this is not a seal. This is just a cover. And in my cabinet it goes, guys. So, everything I need is altogether. You can also take this, guys. And if you don't want to use it as a Chip and Dip bowl, you can also use it as a really great, pretty punch bowl, guys. Look how pretty this would be. So now, if you're gonna use it as punch bowl or you want to use it as serving bowl, I'm gonna give you a little tip that you can share with your customers. First of all, if you're using this as a punch bowl, don't forget to up-sell with the jell-o mold. Because you can make the best ice ring out of our jell-o mold or you can do a sorbet ring out of our jell-o mold. And you can also take, guys, our little dating gift. Remember the little wonder six ounces? So, maybe you're doing a fruit salad here, you can take this bowl. Fill it up with water, put the seal on, stick it in the freezer the night before. Take this out of the freezer and now you have a solid block of ice. Turn it over upside-down, put it in the base of the bowl and then put your fruit on top, guys. And what happens is you got a nice block of ice and helps to keep that fruit nice and cool. And then when the party's over you just simply take this out, peel the seal and dump the water right down the drain. Remember guys in Tupperware, when the seal is round it's air-tight and liquid-tight. Now, if you're gonna be using this bowl maybe you want to serve it during the summer time when the weather is a lot warmer, guys. You'll want to go ahead and take either one of our big wonders or serial bowl, anything with the round seal. Do the exact same thing. Fill it up the night before, freeze it. Turn it over upside-down. And then look guys, you get a bigger block of ice. So, if you're serving a potato salad or a macaroni salad, something that has mayonnaise in it, you want a bigger block of ice to keep it cool during the summer month. So, lots of different ways that you can share at your Tupperware parties, why your guest are gonna want this Chip and Dip bowl. And it's on sale, y'all, for the next three weeks. Okay, y'all. We have one more item and your customer and y'all has been asking for. And it is our wine accessories set, guys. So, what is it come with? Well, it comes with our classic wine opener, and it also comes with the foil cutter, and it also comes with the air pump, and it comes with not one, but two of our wine stopper. And it comes in a large packable. And look how nice it's coordinates, guys. So, let me show you how easy it is to use, guys. You just gonna simply take this, turn it. Okay? And cut the foil all the way round, and then you're just gonna peel it off. Voila! How easy was that? And then to do the corkscrew, you simply put it on the neck of the bottle of wine. Push it all the way down, clasps. And then all you do, guys, is you just turn. Okay? You know the great thing about this is? It's so easy. That even if you're a beginner, you'll know how to do it, guys. Because once you turn and turn, what happen is the cork comes all the way out. How easy was that to open up that bottle of wine? Now y'all. I'm not a wine connoisseur on any means. But, I've been told, if you're gonna store your red wine after you poured one or two glasses, and you're gonna store it, you want to pump the air out of it. So now, you're gonna take the wine stopper. Push it inside here. Take this, put it on top and then, you're gonna pull up. Okay? And you're gonna get all of the wine-- out of the wine. All of the air out. And once you know if the air is out is this is almost impossible to lift it out. And then, that's right, guys. Now, you've got it stops. The air is gone. And now, you can now save this for the next time you're gonna be using your red wine. And you know what, guys? You can take this set. Because it's perfect for Father's Day gift. Think about the Holiday's next year. Get it now while we have it. And you can up-sell it with your one gallon with your two quart pitcher. Because if you're making Sangria, this is the bomb to make your Sangria. And guys, so you can make your homemade wine Sangria and then take your blueberries, your raspberries, strawberries and put 'em right inside here. What a nice little touch if you're serving Sangria at your Easter dinner. So, in closing, y'all. We have some great items that your customers are gonna need as their preparing for their Easter holiday. Okay, y'all. And you know what? We also have a brand new Make it at 10 recipe which features our stack cooker. Because you all know we're in the middle of our stack cooking revolution. And you know what? Jolene is, who's being featured in our Mid-February brochure. She loves her stack cooker. Make sure you're reading her story as a mom with three kids which includes a set of twins. She absolutely, positively loves her stack cooker, y'all. And I know your customers are gonna love theirs too. So, until I see you next time remember think big, start small, but y'all, go out and party now. Bye y'all.

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