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Hey man! How's it going? What are you doing here? Samsung wants me to be in their new comercial, you know, the next big thing yeah They called me for the next big thing Maybe in the 1998 you were the next big thing Oh, have you ever seen so this excited that doesn't foot? You're not he next big thing You make people phisically uncomfortable Ey, they gave me a phone I have one too Where you get that? They gave it to me because i'm the next big thing That's make no sense man Are you sure that maybe you ever seen a guay called Samsung? That's would make more sense You know, let's fine my favourite bored of you, one of your movies No results found You don't scrub about this, you take a picture, you can draw on it and when i touch it, you like like you're still in your fourtys Why don't you take that... All right! You're here! Hi! So you've got the memmo, you're working together! Together? I've got a big room, came with ideas! Samsung, the nixt big thing, you too So this will be very big, very big... There's no anybody? Pitch me some People love comercial with talking babies Talking babies! So we just use Staf! And a dipper I don't wear a dipper You would wear a dipper for Samsung yeah? I would wear a dipper for Samsung What else you got? Crowd horse! Eh? I love it! Yeah think that we don't let the people think them ideas, so let them think their ideas Maight be good for this Bigger! Space! We can send them to the Galaxy with the Galaxy! We don't train them, we just send them and see what happens Or become and asian rapper I don't think we can do that, we're not asian I'm an asian rapper, i'm rapping, and then gess what... SPIN! Sorry, i have bround rogers Hi bround, will you be at Samsung? Yeah Tom, maybe be a do a cam on your tablet Oh! We have bround Rogers! You've got bround rogers, you don't need anybody! It's right, we don't, we don't we don't need anyone else I've got it

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Posted by: cristinajc on May 13, 2013


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