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cinico tv - the abbate bros. SEX SEX SEX

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(indistinct sexual appreciation on the guy's ass) -Good Evening! -Good Evening! Sex Sex Sex! This is a true obsession for the brothers... -ABBATE! -Franco Abbate -Rosalino Abbate -Brothers Abbate! -Yes! -Did you had a proper sexual education? -NO! -You don't have idea of women? -NO! -WHY? -we're 'terates! -WHAT? -'terates! -Are you illitterates? -YES! -You never went to school? -NO! -Brothers Abbate! -YES! -wher did you learn the little you know on women? -at Embassy Cinema! -WHERE? -Embassy Cinema! -Is that a Cinema? -YES -which kind? -PORNO! -Porno? -Porno YES! -Brothers Abbate! -YES! -Whad did you learn there? -Everything @!#!~ NECK @-!!! EARS @!! SUCK ##@!!! EVERYTHING! -did you learn bringing orgasm women! -YES -and then you... -YES @~#[email protected] (gay sex) you know that! -Should I know? -YES! -but must remain a secret! -YES! -abbate brothers! -YES! -in theory are you ready to bring women to orgasm? -YES! -but you don't have any! -YES! -and why? -we had a hard childhood! (kicks, lack of love etc.) -women find you disgusting! -YES! -they refuse you! -YES! -why you're angry with women? -they have tits the "shame" and ass -what? -ASS! -shouldn't they have one? -NO! -and? -they have one! -abbate brothers! -YES! -have this women a husband? -YES! -are they happy? (the husbands?) -happy and cheated! (cornuto) -cheated upon? -YES! -but happy! -YES! -and you are sad and? -SAD! but not cheated! -aren't you cheated? -NO! -abbate brothers! -YES! -do this women feel important? -YES! -they're cocky and they feel beauty! -are they beauty? -YES! -it's not their merit? -NO! -and who's merit of? -of Christ! -CHRIST? -YES! -abbate brothers! -YES! -do you feel alone? -YES! -do you suffer? -YES! -abbate brothers! -YES! -thank you! -our pleasure! -good evening! -good evening! (obscene chattering on the guy's ass)

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Duration: 3 minutes and 3 seconds
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
License: Public Domain
Director: cipri e maresco
Views: 691
Posted by: ottocid on May 25, 2008

the abbate brothers and the world of sex

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