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Andrew Marr climbs the Shard

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The Shard will rise to 1,016 feet and it's growing at a phenomenal, Jack-and-the-Beanstalk pace. Every two weeks, three floors are added and eventually, eighty-seven of them. When you are building a building this high, there's one piece of kit you can't be without, of course: taller than the skyscraper itself, the crane. Take a look above you, and you will spot the unsung heroes of the skyscraper world, the people who spend their working lives dangling up in the air. And getting to meet one of them means I have a rather serious morning's walk to work. It's unsettlingly open, good God! I hope I never have to, erm, climb up a ladder that's longer than that one. I'm up here to talk to John Young, one of the crane drivers who's building this extraordinary place. Apart from everything else, just to find out how he does it. Hi, John. It is an up here Is there a big sense of pride in doing this job? Yes, you know it's higher that a few hundreds, you know, you could be on the job for a year, two years, and all of a sudden recognize things that you never knew they were there before. You know, you never tire of the view, especially at night-time when the lights come on, - yeah, fantastic- Working at these extreme heights means the operators often have to work blind. Delicately shifting around tonnes of steel with the help of their team hundreds of feet below them. As the Shard keeps growing, so do the cranes have to grow, because, they have to be even taller. We're incredibly high up, is this as high as you're going now? No, no, no, this isn't half the height. You mean you go twice...- Twice as high We have what we call "jump the crane", climb it ourselves, section by section, so you build the crane...-yeah ..from the inside, yeah. And there's a certain anxiety when that happens? Well, well, there's always a handshake before we let them bolts go, Handshake first? yeah, handshake first. Just in case the worst happens? Let's just do the job properly. Is that seriously dangerous? -yes, the most dangerous job you can undertake in construction is the jumping of a tower crane.

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