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global oneness project The Role of the Mystic I think the mystic path and the role of the mystics is to... Rabbi Eliyahu McLean Jerusalem, Israel Co-founder Jerusalem Peacemakers people remember that there is much more beyond what the eye can see and there's much more beyond just the rational level of world. There's other levels and dimensions that all of our traditions point to on the mystical level, and specifically the role of the mystics is to awaken people to the inner dimension of connectedness to the higher source, ore the ocean of oneness, if you will, that is at the inner core of every tradition, and the problem is that religions and especially in the Middle East, but its in every part of the world, have gotten so caught up in outer form and the ritual and the external practices, that they forgot that, in the Middle Ages, centuries earlier, that the mystics formed a lot of these rituals so that they could be guideposts to help people do practices that would awaken their sense of oneness and to awaken their sense of god consciousness and every small little action. This is why in the Jewish tradition there's so many practices, as well as the Islamic tradition and sikhism and every faith tradition... their are so many practices, the little things that we do in the tradition were meant to awaken us to a sense of consciousness with every action that we do that we can awaken to the awareness of God. The problem is that, over the centuries, that the practices themselves became concretized and became a structure and we came to worship the form and the structure as if that was the goal itself. And we forgot, over the centuries, what was the greater goal was to awaken to a sense of unity and that these little practices that our traditions have, have now become the goal in and of itself and not to remember the oneness. So the role of the mystic in our day and age is to wake people up and to shake each of the different faith communities and people who are not necessarily attached to a religion, but to help people awaken to the oneness and the great sea of consciousness from which all of reality emerges. I think especially now the role of the mystic, in this part of the world and elsewhere, is also to meet the mystics of other traditions and to show how easy it is for a mystical Jewish Rabbi, and a Sikhi Sheikh, and a Christian Priest, and a Druid, and a Bahai and a Sikh and a Buddhist, and even a Wicken, the mystics of every tradition they actually can come together and if they can find their commonality as people who are deeply religious and also deeply mystical they can help be an example to everyone else who maybe isn't so aware of the commonalities. I think a mystic goes within to their own practice and to their own place inside themselves to awaken the still small voice of oneness that's within themselves and they naturally will seek to find other mystics from other traditions and by doing so will help awaken everyone else who is sort of caught up in either materialism or in tribalism or fear of global catastrophe.

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