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Big Picture - Film education in its current state

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Well, I think there are a whole lot of people who wanna be, you know, they wanna direct or they wanna be in the film business. I think it's a big-- I think it's a real cottage industry in a way that it wasn't when I went there. It was not a big deal. NYU was not a big deal back then. ...But the--I would say that there are lots and lots of film schools now and lots of departments and lots of studying screenwriting and studying cinematography and wanting to get into the industry and I think it's an interesting question of how much future there really is. Unless you're really into action movies Or very small low budget personal films, there isn't a whole lot in between for people these days. What they should do is teach marketing and publicity and how to brand yourself on the web and how to build audiences on the web. You know, how to engage people in your project early on from Kickstarter to release. There's a whole gift that some people have. Someone like Joe Swanberg, who's sort of the iconic indie director who knows what he's doing in terms of going on the whistle-stop tours and getting people to back his movies. You know, he gets it. But then there are other people who don't know how to do it and they're kinda lost and it's--very important actually, 'cause I see so many of these young kids hitting--their first film festival and their movie got made and it got in and people like it and then they're like, "now what do I do"? They have no clue. I don't--I'm not even sure if it's a question of being-- highbrow and in their ivory tower as much as not being practical about the realities that they face and these are skills that you kind of need to have. Television would be--you know how they said in "The Graduate," you know, plastics? That's what I'll say to all the people out there: television.

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Posted by: timbumatay on Jun 20, 2016

Big Picture - Film education in its current state

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