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Frédéric Pichard, CSC - HR Barometer results part2

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The primary role of the HR departments is, and will continue to be, maintaining the balance between the short-term and the long-term. The short term, although a hard truth to accept, involves continuing to downsize the workforce in order to bring it in line with the cost structure of our organizations. The long term involves continuing to motivate and to develop the skills of all employees. But, in reality, the role of the HR department is much larger than that. I am tempted to recall the word used on this very same occasion by Mr. Colin, Assistant General Manager of Air France-KLM, who spoke about education. Furthermore, we cannot overlook the point of view of a man like Mario Monti: "The root cause of the crisis is not finance, but rather the inequalities among the countries (even if these inequalities are shrinking) and within each country (which, unfortunately, are on the rise). These inequalities came to the forefront of our economic and political concerns." Striking a balance between capital and labor has never before been so crucial during a transition period. Unlike the events of the 1930s, this balance may not tip in the employee's favor. Why? Because the democratization of capitalism over the past few decades has dramatically changed the tug-of-war between capital and labor. Yet, like in the 1930s, the new distribution of wealth will play a major role in stimulating growth over the next few years. This is a matter that deserves much explaining and educating. However, it is in this way that HR departments will help to rebuild the trust between companies and employees as well as between companies and society. We all know that no company can exist on the fringes of society.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 14, 2010

Frédéric Pichard, CSC, is explaining the HR Barometer' results and highlight the major trends for the HR function.

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