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SDSU College of Extended Studies Professional Certificate in Green Sustainability

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The entire building is built to a high level of . But when you are doing sustainability, the concept is to make it look natural. So, in this room, in addition to all the lighting being either complex florescent lighting or LED lighting, which is extremely energy efficient, there are some other elements in here that are fun. We had a food drive, we collected cans. Once the cans were used, we took the cans and had them melted, and then embossed to become our ceiling. So, this metal ceiling has been recycled from a food drive that we did. My company is an interior design company. We're also a general contractor. We're also a licensed IT company. We're a project management company, and we're an office furniture company. So all those elements together make us a design built firm. So, the way you get sustainability to cost less is to plan to do it in the first place. When you try to be sustainable in pieces, they cost money. When you design a plan to be sustainable, it's more efficient. So, these beams in this space are not wood. This is the styrofoam from our furniture business, that came in our packing materials. We took it, we melted it down and we formed it, and then we put a glaze on it to make it look like wood. In addition to the not having to take an expensive product like that kind of solid wood out of the earth, We were able to also spend less money reinforcing the ceiling to handle the weight of these large wood beams that we don't have. So, all the materials that you see in our buildings, anything that looks like clothes, is either 50%-100% recycled material. Anything that's wood, comes from what they call a sustainable forest or sustainable plant. So all the wood in the building are either sustainable, certified sustainable or they are bamboos or other sustainable materials. The wall coverings in a space like this these are all silks because silk is a natural material. The window covering, not only are they linen, but you'll see that it's treated with what they call an aluminum glaze. This aluminum knocks about 97% of the heat off the window. The reason why that's important is our building only uses 25 tons of air for a 10,000 square foot building. A traditional 10,000 square foot office building would use about 35-40 tons of air. How do we do that? We keep the heat out of the building, so the system doesn't have to pick it up. How do you do that? You do that with these kinds of shades that allow natural light in but also take the heat out. And this particular shade has a tracking system that tracks the sun, so it moves with the sun. So, that's this room, a highly sustainable room, that should look like every other conference room in the world.

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What are the keys to a sustainable future? Three major keys are innovation, synergy, and savings. It means doing more with less. Synergy is sustainability in practice. Is your organization developing and renewing green sustainability issues to improve production, employee work life, and to meet future laws and legislation? The Sustainable Practices Certificate offers best practices and sustainable trends in order to take a proactive role in driving the workforce.

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