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Nikola Tesla 1 - Television and Human PUPPETS

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Children and Television - Nikola Tesla Hello this is Nikola Tesla and I am speaking more about my creations which is currently still being abused here on earth by many governments and many elite officials if I am able to define them according to such a placement so let's look at one the children which is linked to the school system now the school systems for instance have been deliberately setup in such a way that children basically hate it children do not enjoy going to school because within them they are actually aware that what they are being teached what they are being 'taught' excuse me what the teaches or teaching or they have been taught is unnecessary material material that will not support them within their self-expression within this world what it will support them with of course is the necessity to survive to have to survive because that's the main reason why children have to go to school is to be able to- extend their education to a inevitably get a to- work and then to make money because you need money to survive in this world and within that, children grow apart from reading because reading is then connected to schooling and they do not enjoy school at all because the material that they're being- taught there and then what do children enjoy- is television they enjoy images watching images with words because it's simple they don't have to think they don't have to do anything, all they have to do is sit and watch it and that's it they don't have to go about pumping unnecessary material within their mind that they have to learn and study for survival and children to a certain extent are aware of this they don't know yet how to communicate it or how to express it because they are not even taught how to actually communicate and express what it is that they are experiencing within themselves they are completely disregarded in this world because they are required to survive and make money and that's it, that's the main point why parents are concerned for their children is to- make sure they have a work and that they make money, in this world to survive so therefore I am in- and with television at the moment I am not certain yet I have- to be certain on this particular point is that television in terms of the frequency, it resonates the imaging the imaging frequency of the television actually program children now the amount of pixels, if I am able to describe it as that on a television is the amount of mind frequency pixels connected to the mind in other words, if you look close to a television you see little- dot many little dots forming one- picture each and every one of those dots is set at a specific frequency each frequency making the entire picture and therefore children's minds are then programmed according to little dots forming an entire picture which is, the same in terms of what they become in their expression as they grow older and while they are watching so much television when they are younger because in watching the television as the pictures what they're doing is they are connecting pictures to words oh, now you're probably asking: Why would the government do something like that? or why would the world do something like that? or even the elite what do they know? they know the following: if you look at beings, what do they see in this world? they see one tree, they see one being they see one apple they see one fridge they see one kettle or everything is just one picture, one one one- one if you look at what children see in their world and what people see in their world it's actually quite limited, it's small most of the things that you see in this world is exactly the same and within that, what does the TV- television imaging do? it implants images inside the children's mind and with that they actually 'limit' the children's mind expansion and even human beings in general's mind expansion but they actually train children from a young age because what happens then, a children's world is then implanted with pictures with limited pictures- which they just see in their world and that is all that exist in their world, in other words human beings won't even in a day, think about human beings that are actually starving in the world they won't even in during the day think about actually children that are being extensively abused or you know etc. their world is just compacted in small to what they see on television or what they just see in their world as their parents their friends their house what's in their house etc. and that's your world that's why human beings have still accepted and allowed in terms of what's going on in this world and have not stood up, because it doesn't exist in your world what I am saying it doesn't exist in your world you're not taking into consideration the world in it's entirety at all you're not realizing even your individual place in the actual manifestation of what is being allowed in this world and that's why televisions were developed in the first place to keep human beings busy keep them secluded within their house within the pictures that they see on the television and you know what happens then- you sit in front of the television, you watch television you run out and then you basically forget even sometimes about what you've seen on television when in truth that what you've seen in television is already programed inside your mind like little placements it's like a, it's like a television placement now, the television as you see it now, not- placing the pictures in at the moment but you take television as what it looks like, it's usually square-like, and that manifestation with the pixels is projected into your mind it's placed inside your mind the more you watch it so in other words, when you are walking in your world or experiencing it you'll only have one picture placement in your mind and that's what you deal with and then when you're done, it is removed and the next picture comes up just like you flick with the remote the pictures on television the same within your own mind and children then are preoccupied with just what is existing in their mind or in their world which is very small and that's why they don't know how to express themselves anymore because what they are defining themselves as, or what is ruling their world is the- pictures inside them and it's easy to control people when they have a small limited world and don't know what is really going on in the rest of the world thank you very much, this is Nikola Tesla For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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