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Technology helps deaf Albany Tech student learn (CC)

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Albany Technical College has seen and increase in the number of students with special needs. Fox 31's Romney Smith shadowed one disabled student today, to find out how she is using new technology, to help her earn a college degree. (voice) It looks and operates like a normal classroom, but one student can't hear the teacher. Krystle Robertson is hearing impaired and uses technology to participate in class. It's great now that Albany Tech is helping me with my disability. If I didn't have help, I don't know what would happen. Krystle says she was ashamed of her disability for a long time, and school was difficult because she doesn't know sign language, and she was forced to read lips. Now she uses CART, or Communication Access Realtime Translation system, to learn. The CART system allows Crystal to follow along in class, with her computer. Her professor wears a microphone, a captionist out of state translates everything the teacher or students say, into short messages. And Crystal keeps up with class by reading the messages on her computer screen. School officials say they're constantly expanding how to help their students. We have a range of assistive technology, that we are using to help our students with special needs, to level the playing field. The whole goal is access. (Romney) Robertson says after taking online classes, the CART technology allows her to get the true college classroom experience. If I never had the CART program, I would probably... I wouldn't understand what my instructors would say, I'd be behind in my assignments, I'd be a nightmare. And so for those students to be able to interact, with the high tech piece of equipment, they are able to be more equipped to go into the real world, to obtain employment. (Romney) Krystle is majoring in Business Administration technology, and hopes to become a medical coder. Which led me to my last question. Now that you have help and support, what does that mean? That I'm normal. (reporter) Romney Smith, Fox 31 News.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 13, 2011

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