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How to Connect with Your Soul

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Often we think about ourselves, we asked that obvious question Why is it that, at times, we are awaken and acting in a ways that are positive, that are good Then every once in a while, maybe to often we feel the need to become angry, we feel the need to harm somebody else Where is that come from? What is the source, if we are, and I think many of us really know, innately good Where is that awakening, that thought, that desire to do something negative, to harm somebody else. Where is that come from? So, this is important to understand that we are innately good. Every single one of us, our essence is a positive one. You can called at your soul you can called at your essence, but the truth is every single one of us at our core, are positive. In order to an able each of us, to accomplish what we came to this world to accomplish every single one of us has unique task. There has to be an opposing force, As we know in life, if we accomplished something without any struggle if we accomplish something without any opposition. it is not something we can really enjoy and have fulfillment from and than for there is these the opposing force you can call at the ego, the kabbalists sometimes refer to the desire to received for the self alone but the reality is that not mean if you be able to really begin to differentiate between the goodness and essence or your soul, who you are and this external force and you start to understanding it not only this not desire my benefit it actually wants me to do things, wants me to act in a ways wants me to think in a ways, that are detrimental to me How many of us would go to somebody who we know doesn´t like us who we know is our worst enemy and say: What do you think I should do? Please, direct me in life. of course nobody is stupid enough to do that. but that is actually something we do every single day. There is this force, this thought process not of our essence but in our mind that times, that is pushing us, awakening us to act in negative ways, to act in anger, to yell, to be sad and you begin to understand that force is not me that force is not only not me, it is actually my worst enemy. and therefore I will become conscious of this separation and because of that consciousness, because that clarity begin, really pushing that thought out, begin pushing that force out and as we said when you become aware of it and begin the process of pushing out those thoughts you truly change, you truly connect to your core, to your essence to your soul which is innately good, always.

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