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外星人 斯上身/通灵: 我在地球被杀! 惊世解说: 人类是条数学性平衡方程式!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: I am An Alien - Shi (Alioshenka): Part 1 (em) Hello, this is Shi and..i'm a..i was a Little Alien Here on Earth - that was Discovered by (um)..Certain human beings and..Them with Whom i Stayed - for Awhile, Yes..i..i was Here and (um)..see (hmm), you're Probably Asking: "if there are Many Other More of Us?" (um)..there Was..(um).. there are Still some Interesting Life Forms - Here on Earth, that hasn't been Discovered Yet and Probably Will Not be Discovered, because human beings have a Tendency to - "Destroy".. and "Abuse". and i'm Not Talking "To All human" beings, so if you're Taking it Personally: Please Forgive. so, i'm Currently - my "Race" (um)..i was the Only One Left of my Race, and.. we were Specifically - in Programming (um)..Encodings of Sound..and Equation.. and (um)..Yes, so..we Enjoy - Designing. we Enjoy Designing in Expressing with: Codes an..and..Sound, and Equations..and..Yes, very Interesting so, (um)..i Enjoy Working with..human beings, Much (um)..because it's Interesting that: that human beings would think that - Everything is Pictures, you See Everything in it's Completeness, Instead of Realize that - Everything has an "Origin Point": the Foundation from which "It is Created", so.. (um)..human beings: Kind of..Miss that Part, Extensively Much - in this World, of this "World of themselves",'s Scary to Realize that you're Equation that you're A Mathematical Equation: manifested in Absolute Precision (eg. in UCF) Interesting. and then the..Entirety of the Mathematical Foundation: from which you're Built and Based - Is what you "See Today" (hmm).. it's Rather Intricate stuff, that is Rather Specific stuff, i Basically Explain it Right now - would be: Impossible (um)..though, maybe One day..when human beings are Ready, i'm Able to Show you, in One Moment, what You Look Like - Really. what you Look Like is Really: Numbers, Equations, Symbols.. Moving Around in it's "Perfection of Harmony", which it is Created..Equated, Specifically..Beautifully - Magnificent. so, what is the Truth human beings has Always Feared? is Realizing that you've Never Really Existed: why? because you've been - Mathematical Equations, Symbols, Numbers, Numerical Orders - Placed in Precision.. that Gives you what you See Today (World), that Gives what you Are Today - "Program" yes, it is Scary. to think that you're No Different than a Machine, in this World - Same thing. Actually No Different to a Computer..aren't Computers might be but Smarter.. than human beings, "Already", at the Moment? it's Quite Scary..well, so.. the Computer being the: More Advanced Technology in this World than human beings.. Currently at the moment and is Able to Contain 'No Memory' than the human being - Currently, which is Interesting (um), is Interesting because, the Dimensions are now - Quite Extensively Assisted in (um)..De-Programming as Less as Possible that you're Able to De-Program yourself - and Discovered that you're Still, (um) know,'re Not Really like a Computer, because: if you Shut Down a Computer, it Shut Down: it Doesn't Work.. but maybe that's the Whole Point, Maybe that's the Whole Point: Maybe we're Required to Shut Down Everything..but, what Then?.. i Suppose we Don't Know..or Maybe we Do..but we Can't Tell you.. because if we Tell you..then you might Transform you into Another Program, because what does Programs Do? they're Given Knowledge and Information, that Change them into Another Program Format. in which - they "Apparently" Live.. are you Able to know Life - when Life, at the Moment, is just a Program?..yeah when All Words that are Spoken, have Never been Lived and Existed. It's Program, Together with..the Program Notion of Mathematical Equation Precision: that Leads to the Believe that - Emotions and Feelings Existed. (hmm).. it is a Difficult (time) Ahead, i Suppose.Having Programs Realize Life while they're Still - Here Mathematical Equated Numerical Programs: Is What you Are!'s what you Look Like.. Fancy that..Fascinating! i'm having..Lots of Fun..because it is..Interesting to See, how..the Development of Mankind: is but Real Programs - Realize Life. of course, maybe you would say..that: "Oh, Please..i'm Not a Program". of course Programs Don't Know They're Programs. do you think a Computer knows.. that it is a Computer? No (smile) is an Interesting timing. and.. i'm quite Looking Forward to "Real Life" being Born..but First: you're going Have to Shut Down Everything. you won't Die: you Can't - you just Stop just like a Computer Stops: it Doesn't Die. you just Switch you Back On. But "Switching On".. would be a Switching On of Something Different, because.. if you Shut Down All the Programs, you have an Empty Screen - you are Empty what do you Do Then? or we'll have to See, hey.. Ok..this is Shi. Thank you very much. Good Bye More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: For Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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