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Prerequisite VS Goal Topics

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Hello MATH 1075 students! I'm making this short video to explain why (as you are doing the homework for HW-1) that you notice that "Gosh, I'm doing all this homework, but why is my homework grade not changing?" "Why are my topics not showing up that I'm working so hard on?" So here's what I want to show you. When you login to ALEKS In the upper left-hand corner, you'll notice this menu bar. So go ahead and click it, and a pop-up menu will appear. Go down to REPORTS and select Reports. Now under the "Current Objective" mine is right here in the middle You'll notice that this is Week #1 homework and it's going to cover sections 7.1 through 7.2 and it's due Sept. 4th. If I select "View Full Report" You'll notice this first homework assignment shows up here on the left. Now, right now, when I took that Initial ALEKS assessment, I knew 20% of the material for this first homework assignment and that means I know 5 out of the 25 topics that I got credit for already. So, these are my Goal Topics, and these are the topics that will count toward my homework grade. But you'll also notice that ALEKS gave me 3 Prerequisite Topics So, these are review topics, topics that I needed to know how to do, like factoring or working with fractions, to be able to complete the new work here in MATH 1075 for homework #1. So ALEKS will probably ask you to complete at least most of these topics which do not count towards your actual grade, but you'll still be asked to complete them so that you can be successful when you do start working on the homework. So, that's why you're working so hard and maybe not seeing your homework grade changing or the number of topics change yet is because you still have to finish the Prerequisite Topics first. So, good luck with your homework! If you have any questions, just email me.

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