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Video from Mrs. Cindy Russo

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I anger Tatyana I love looking at the 200:00:05,759 --> 00:00:11,490video that you sent to me the greenery 300:00:08,820 --> 00:00:13,530and the sunshine and you were wearing 400:00:11,490 --> 00:00:16,970short-sleeved clothes and that made me 500:00:13,530 --> 00:00:20,789think of a warm and sunny it must be 600:00:16,970 --> 00:00:24,449where you are at in Ecuador it has 700:00:20,789 --> 00:00:26,970really been cold like minus 15 degrees 800:00:24,449 --> 00:00:29,250at night and the winds have been 900:00:26,970 --> 00:00:31,949horrible and we have at least one full 1000:00:29,250 --> 00:00:34,110of snow outside on the ground so it's 1100:00:31,949 --> 00:00:36,809hard to walk and very slippery 1200:00:34,110 --> 00:00:39,570everywhere but we've been sled riding 1300:00:36,809 --> 00:00:43,379and playing outside in the snow with the 1400:00:39,570 --> 00:00:46,559grandchildren and we have a fire here 1500:00:43,379 --> 00:00:48,719that has been heating the house the heat 1600:00:46,559 --> 00:00:51,149is in the living room and we just keep 1700:00:48,719 --> 00:00:53,910firewood in it all day and someone gets 1800:00:51,149 --> 00:00:57,239up at night and puts more firewood in 1900:00:53,910 --> 00:00:59,550and it keeps heating our whole house 2000:00:57,239 --> 00:01:02,850it's kind of cooled upstairs but it's 2100:00:59,550 --> 00:01:05,820very nice and toasty and we can get it 2200:01:02,850 --> 00:01:09,630about 80 degrees in our living room and 2300:01:05,820 --> 00:01:12,210our kitchen I saw that there was a brown 2400:01:09,630 --> 00:01:13,950dog in the background when you were 2500:01:12,210 --> 00:01:17,220doing your last video to me and I 2600:01:13,950 --> 00:01:21,390wondered if you were at home or in a 2700:01:17,220 --> 00:01:26,400school yard or in a child fund building 2800:01:21,390 --> 00:01:28,409or something like that and I just want 2900:01:26,400 --> 00:01:31,799to wish you the best for the rest of 3000:01:28,409 --> 00:01:34,979January and February for the spring and 3100:01:31,799 --> 00:01:38,850all that is to come thank you so much 3200:01:34,979 --> 00:01:42,750for videoing me back please give my best 3300:01:38,850 --> 00:01:47,630to your family we pray that you'll be 3400:01:42,750 --> 00:01:47,630blessed with good health goodbye 3500:01:48,610 --> 00:01:50,670you

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Posted by: ianrhett on Jan 18, 2018

Video from Mrs. Cindy Russo

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