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C4L2: Balance on the One Hander

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Lets take a look here at the left hand the non hitting hand on the one handed backhand and how crucial and key using this hand properly is. One of my favorite backhanders is, one handers especially is Roger. One of the prettiest back hands I have seen in a long long time. He executes pretty much perfectly when he is on his game. So lets take a look here at Roger and how he uses the left hand. For starters watch how many frames go by here, watch this. So many frames go by and look where the racket is right in the middle of his chest. The grip of the racket is literally facing his belly button. The left hand is setting the racket head, see thats what its doing. The left hand is is actually pushing the racket head forward toward the 45 degree angle while he coils and turns his lower body. Now his hips slide in through the X of the figure 8 now they come around and as his hips come around and start to rotate towards the net his left hand breaks off. Now it mirrors the right hand holding the balance between the two hands at the 45 degree angle. Watch this. As he continues the stroke the two hands mirror off one another. The key is the arms keep you at the 45 but they both stay rounded, its a full body coil. Both arms stay slightly rounded, that is key people don't know that. They think the left hand keeps you sidewise. It doesn't keep you sidewise it keeps you at the 45. Neither arm is completely straight because you get out to infinity there at the 45 degree angle. There is no such thing as straight, keep a slight bow in both elbows. Schiavone has a decent one hander as well not as pretty as Rogers. See here as she comes down with her racket first, its a little idiosyncrasy and then she raises it up again. But not bad execution when it comes to what she does with this left hand. See her hips are turned a little bit more than Rogers but look how the hand is still in front of her belly button. That left hand really sets the racket head now the optical illusion is here as she transfers her hips forward it looks as if her racket is laid back. That is an illusion because her hips slide forward and there is the transition that appears the racket is going back. See the roundness in her right arm and a slight roundness in her left arm holding her at the 45 degree angle. So thats really how to use the left arm best on the backhand. You set the racket head and don't pull it back, keep it forward as much as you can while you rotate your hips back. Then as you shift your hips in a figure 8 forward the racket head appears to lay back and the left hand travels behind you staying slightly round to keep you lined up with the hit. Now lets take a look at the left hands role on the slice. When I say here keeping it close to the grist that means keeping that racket close to the 45 degree angle is really the way to go. Less is more on the slice. Andy Murray has a nice slice backhand we will take a look at his in slow motion. So the first thing he does is set that racket head, see that he doesn't take the racket back he turns his lower body and he pushes and sets the racket head on the hit. The left hand is actually pushing the head forward he is not pulling it back that is an illusion. It creates tension on the hit on the 45 degree angle. But here as he slides his hips forward you will see and the racket starts to come around it appears that racket head is back. As his hips come around once again he lets go of that left hand and they split like scales see that. One hand slightly up and one hand slightly down and they hold the 45 degree angle between them. The hitting hand comes forward or out into the hit I should say out into the 45 left hand slowly comes back. Once that hitting hand can't come out any more it just vanishes. There is no real follow through on the slice. He just couldn't go out on to the 45 any more and the hit vanishes. Warrens slice is almost identical to Andy Murray's slice as I would say most backhanders are somewhat identical if they do it right. You can see there the roundness in his two arms when the shot is done. So the key is to push that head as you turn your body, as you turn your hips push that head towards the hit, see that the left hand is actually pushing it towards the hit. Not taking the racket back and then as the hips shift it creates more tension in the arms, see here they shift it creates tension in the arm and the racket sort of spring loaded ness goes towards the 45 degree angle. Once it can't go out any further it just vanishes. The other key with the left hand is you don't want to finish with it straight, watch here how Paul's backhand is nice and rounded with both arms, see a little roundness in both elbows.

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Fly with both wings on the one handed backhand.

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