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Dell Nexenta Software Defined Storage Solution

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Dell and Nexenta software-defined storage solutions combine proven Dell hardware with open-source based Nexenta software. These solutions enable enterprise data centers to meet capacity and performance requirements cost-effectively and to upgrade as needed, without disruption. The complete hardware and software stack of server, networking and storage includes block and file protocol support, snapshots, cloning, replication and de-duplication. Dell Nexenta Storage provides capacity optimized configurations that can handle large-scale virtualization and file-based workload requirements. The ability to cost-effectively scale as storage requirements evolve means you can expand and adapt to business growth without incurring additional software licensing costs. Dell and Nexenta solutions are also available in build-to-order configurations based on Dell’s 13th generation servers and 12Gb SAS storage enclosures. You can use PowerEdge R730 rack servers with a choice of processors and memory options. Dell MD storage enclosures are available in 12-, 24- or 60-drive configurations with rotating disks or solid-state drives and a variety of capacity and speed options. Dell-Nexenta reference architectures are ideally suited to support demanding enterprise applications in physical or virtual infrastructure, virtual desktop infrastructure, high-performance digital media applications, and large-scale archive repositories. Unify your file and block storage services and scale from tens of terabytes out to petabytes with a software defined storage solution from Dell and Nexenta.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Sep 13, 2016

Dell Nexenta Software Defined Storage Solution -VC

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