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Poltavs’ka oblast is the one of 12 regions, which received a mobile ambulance station. This is a redesigned bus, provided by charitable fund “International HIV-AIDS alliance in Ukraine”. The first mobile ambulance station will work according to the schedule prepared in advance in Poltava city and in other oblast’ cities. It will contribute to the oblast’ program of countering the infection for 2014—2018 years. In the mobile ambulance station will be possible to be examined by gynecologist and oncologist and to undergo screenings. Also it will be able to transport a patient to the nearest suitable hospital. The NGO’s representatives assure, that ready to support the mobile laboratory technically. And they also ready to provide human resources specialists, consultants and psychologists. At the moment we succeeded: we were heard. Poltavs’ka oblast is the first among those Ukrainian regions which give the money for harm reduction programs from local budgets. Substitution therapy drugs are bought and salary for social workers participating in the harm reduction programs are paid. This is also a proof of the idea that there is no such problem that can’t be solved. The main thing is a proper goal-setting, and step-by-step progress in reaching of these goals. With our example we managed to show: there is a possibility for the dialogue between civic society and local authorities. For the solving of socially important problems of society. There are actions we can do as a state organization. But in some matters we are rather limited by outdated rigid reporting and inquires… In some issues, we may have support in form of human resources and innovational methods, provided by our partners from “Light of hope”. At the moment we have two results, two interim results. One of them is decreasing in rates of spreading HIV in the oblast. And also significantly increased the level of trust of drug users to narcological service. There was nothing like this in the past, there is nothing like this in other oblasti. Thanks to such an understanding, to the common understanding of all existing problems, we’re one of the first in Ukraine. There is continuous grant raising, there is cooperation with NGO. Not only our substitutive therapy. Speaking in general, a lot of changed happened to the narcological service. When we have just started our harm reduction program, we’ve been clearly realizing, that sooner or later the program’s donors finish it’s support in Ukraine. And then we’ll have two options: the program either will be stopped, or the state will take the responsibility for it’s realization. To stop harm reduction programs, in our opinion, it’s just a crime. The crime against those people who are already get the program service, and also the crime against society in general. That’s why our main goal was to facilitate the transfer of the responsibility for the program’s realization to the local authorities. How it could be done? We chose the way of constructive dialogue. Namely we proposed to the administration to have not additional costs, but investments to the future and possibility to save money later. Because we preserve the health of drug consumers. We influence socially dangerous illnesses: HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis C. During previous 10 years of work, we proved the harm reduction is effective. We significantly influenced the situation in our city, in our oblast'. We decreased HIV spreading rates among drug users, we decreased the spreading of the hepatitis C among drug users. We increased the number of people who started a therapy for HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis. All these facts prove that harm reduction is effective.

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ukraine for translation-HD 720p 50%

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