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American and European Series

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Which series young people watch the most? Are these series from UK, USA, or other countries? We decided to ask people between 18 and 25 years from the street, which are their favorite series. Also we did a survey through Internet to people from these ages too, to have more opinions and these were the results. Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad And also Breaking Bad Well, I mostly watch series from United States and United Kingdom like breaking bad. I like this one mainly because of the plot and the development of the characters. Actually Breaking Bad I finished (emm) two years ago, and I saw two seasons and I stopped because it was hard to follow and I didn’t like it but I gave it another chance and I started watching it again and I like it a lot Game of Thrones Game of Thrones Game of Thrones And Game of Thrones I also look Game of Thrones because I read the books and I really liked how the show is done and everything. Because the plot of the history is very interesting. Game of thrones that I don’t like it because is very unrealistic and too much fantastic and the things that I believe that don’t happen in the real life, I don’t like to see it in a serie. Merlí Merlí Merlí And Merlí I really like the serie of Merlí mainly because it’s Catalan and it’s emitted in TV3 and I think that all the series that TV3 makes are very good, and also I really liked because I feel very identified. I watch Merlí because it’s a Catalan serie that I think it’s interesting because the plot it’s very common for people who are our age more or less. Regarding the serie of Merlí, I have heard a lot of it, but I haven’t follow it because I haven’t feel identified and it also hasn’t take my attention. I would like to live with you. I know what your father has made to you. It’s a joke, anyone has hurt me, I have bandaged myself. Sincerely, don’t you think it notices me? No What is your fathers’ job? He hasn’t got a job. Gossip Girl Gossip Girl And Gossip Girl Gossip Girl And Gossip Girl I watched Gossip Girl too, I finished it one or two years ago and I really liked it. So I don’t really like Gossip Girl cause I think that there is like a lot of stigma with that. It shows like people from Manhattan I think that goes with like limousines to the school and then all the girls’ gossip and I don’t think we are all like this, so I don’t think that show catches the attention of everybody cause if you are not like this you don’t want to see that kind of things So, as we have seen, after comparing the videos and the survey we can say that the most popular series are: Breaking bad
, Game of thrones, 
 and Gossip Girl Having the same results in both studies. Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl and Game Of Thrones are all produced by American producers like AMC, The CW and HBO respectively. So we can say that the most watched series are American as a clear result. An important point to highlight is that Merlí and original serie from TV3, is the only serie that is not American, which it's a Catalan serie. Also we have to say that this results are like this because Merlí is very popular right now in Catalonia. So if we had done this project earlier or after this month's maybe Merlí wouldn't have been in the top four, because it has been a BOOM during the last months here in Catalonia. Looking to the surveys we can also add some more series at the top like Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy and The Walking Dead all of them American too. So to finish, we can see a little teaser from each serie.

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American and European Series

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