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Brooklyn's Finest

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This is your first day kid. Today, a woman gets hit. Day after that it's murder. You got 20 years of days. This job takes enough out of you - don't take it home. DK Projects - highest crime area in the highest crime precinct. Watch where you're walking. Watch your mouth. Blink-blink-blink- (narrator) One cop struggling to keep his cover. These cats I know uptown - they want to buy from us. You sound real confident. I trust em, man. I wouldn't even come to you with this unless I did. Set it up. I want my life back, Bill. I'm workin' on it. Work harder. (narrator) One cop, desparate to support his family. We are expecting twins. We need a new house. I don't have all the money. No, no, it's not a problem. The situation is complicated, that's all. (narrator) One cop, just trying to get by. Don't you want to do something useful with your last two minutes on the job? Not really. It's gonna be alright. I promise you. They got millions of dollars, sitting in an office, all drug money. Far be it from me to wag my finger at someon who is looking out for himself. (voice off screen) What are you doing? (undercover cop) How much longer are you going to be dogging bullets, man? These streets got an expiration date on 'em. It's just good to know we got some real fam out there. (Bill) You do dis, you got Detective, First Grade. (unseen male) He retires in a few days. (captain) Shield. [metallic clink] You're done. We are all imperfect creatures. We are led to sin. Pray for forgiveness. I don't want God's forgiveness! I want his help! Oh, Saint Michael. Defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. Amen. ["Run this Town"- Jay-Z / Rihanna] ♪ Who's gonna run this town tonight ♪ (Jay-Z) ♪We are, yeah I said it we are, you can call me Caesar ♪ ♪In a dark Csar, please follow the leader ♪ ♪We gonna run this town tonight ♪ [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jan 21, 2010

Movie Trailer for Brooklyn's Finest

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