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Practice Day Talk -Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche 2

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Practice Day Talk Kalapa Recordings [♪♫ gong] © 2007 Diana J Mukpo and the Shambhala Archives All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced, distributed or exhibited without written permission from Shamhhala Archives. There are serious penalties for the unauthorized copying, exhibition, or distribution of copyright videos. Produced, Filmed and Provided by Jeff Krouk. J.Crow Company, New Ipswich, NH 03071 Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche [clearing throats] July 19, 1973. Karme Choling, Barnet, VT Practice Day Talk [clearing throats] Meditation practice is a way of knowing oneself rather than shielding oneself from one's neurosis. So therefore, it is not particularly regarded as pleasurable. But on the other hand, this does not mean a way of inflicting pain on ourselves either. And it is a way of preventing further karmic seed sowing in our being that any activity, generally any activity in that we are involved have a tendency to increase further activities, sowing seed for further activities. And in this case this gives sitting meditation practice is doing nothing and relating with oneself. Particularly if you have a whole day of practice, like this, you find there will be less hassle because one doesn't have to plan out what you're going to do after a certain fixed time of sitting when you have a whole day by yourself. And the idea is trying to find a way of dissolving the sitting and non-sitting stage, the boundary of becomes fuzzy and so non-sitting practice also becomes sitting somewhat. And also such as like a lot of people are engaged in going to retreat or intensive several days or months, and also is a similar idea that dissolving the boundary between the sitting and not sitting. Often, many cases sitting meditation brings irritation and all kinds of replaying one's experience; of pain or pleasure, or memories of pain and pleasure; events of yesterday, or what will be tomorrow; and resentment as to why you're sitting and inflicting discomfort to yourself here; all kinds of questions: who am I? What am I doing here? And those things are regarded as natural things to come up rather than something that we should avoid. One wouldn't expect a complete state without thoughts in a meditation practice in any case. The idea is being that thoughts would become transparent and they become livable. They become a natural part of the pattern rather than they are heavy-handed, outstanding, they are overcrowding. So the idea is to accommodate all the thoughts, and the thoughts become somewhat transparent and neutral. And also there are some disciplines that you might be rather good for you to observe today - is trying to minimize unnecessary chatter, and also if you have a tendency to quit later, try to stick. The day is not all that long. And it would be good to throw ourselves back again and again to ourselves. The whole thing is not particularly designed to develop a special kind of awareness, but the whole thing should be a natural intelligence pervading all the time, rather than being aware of some particular thing. So it would be good to be present rather than watching oneself. And I hope this sitting practice will inspire anyone who hasn't done before further sitting practice which you might take part in with other friends, or by yourself, it would be good to repeat again. I wish you good luck. [people rise - VCTR leaves] Kalapa Recording and Shambhala Archives would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Jeff Krouk for making the original video recording of this talk. Recorded July 19, 1973 at Karme Choling, Barnet VT Preservation of the original video was made possible by the Video Recovery Project of the Shambhala Archives and these contributors: Carolyn Gimian, James Hoagland, Diana Church, Gordon Kidd Restoration/editor Gordon Kidd This digital video editing suite which made this project possible was funded by the Shambhala Trust. Produced by Kalapa Recordings, Gordon Kidd, Ben Moore Thanks to Diana J Mukpo, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and members of the Mukpo family for their support. Thanks also to the members of the Dharma Ocean Society who continue to fund the on-going work of the Shambhala Archives in collecting and preserving these precious teachings. For further information on Shambhala meditation visit: For information on Shambhala Archives visit: For information on Naropa University visit: Kalapa Recordings publishes video and audio recordings of the Venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and other Buddhist and Shambhala teachers. Available online at: Kalapa Recordings, 1678 Barrington St., 2nd flr, Halifax, NS, B3J 2A2 Tel. (902 ) 421 1550, ext 1. email: [email protected]

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Producer: Filmed and Provided by Jeff Krouk. J.Crow Company
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Practice Day Talk. Karme Choling, VT. June 19, 1974. Produced, Filmed and Provided by Jeff Krouk. J.Crow Company. ©2009 by Diana J. Mukpo. Used here by arrangement with Lady Diana Mukpo and the Shambhala Archives. From .The Chronicles of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche . Nyinthun Talk . Five talks on three DVDs, plus this early nyinthun talk from Karme Chöling, in 1973. A fourth disc contains the study guide. From Biography of The Vidyadhara, . Facebook . YouTube . Shambhala web site at

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