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James Bullock - San Francisco, United States - English (Global Lives Project, 2004) ~08:00:04 - 09:00:07

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That must be hard. Well yeah, that's a hard life. The boys, drinking. Why you say that? —that was a no [laughing] —Do you have a story to tell? [laughing] —Something you haven't told me? [laughing] —They don't believe in abortions? —Anyway, how did that happen? —I'm tired of it. Til it be the end of the day. Oh this is the market? So what is this? Oh, so they just talk about the issue. Oh, we have a stalker? Damn. —And he's sitting in there. What are we suppose to do? He's just sitting in there —You can't. You gotta stay in your car. Well, he can't. Can't just die. [inaudible] Oh, the change of law? Gonna happen. Two thirds of the state has to ratify that? And what do they get from here? Oh, he was on a bike? I remember I rode my bike up to Canada. People said watch out for mooses. They had a moose on the freeway. On the road, yeah. [inaudible] [yawning] I was trying to go to bed at 11:30. I picked up my guitar at 11:15. And then I got to bed at 12. What do you mean with the baby? What was that? [inaudible] [singing] [inaudible] Okay, I'm gonna get in front of them now. I told them when we're going down the hill, be behind me. So they can get the shot of the ocean. I might. I don't know. Well, I see a little bit of blue. Good to see you too, Whitney. [inaudible] —Put some energy in to begin discover. [laughing] You just made that up. Kinda chic man. —Kinda chic? —Chic. [inaudible] —You don't like the view? —I don't like the weather. —Damn. —Damn. —Those are some good ones. [inaudible]

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Posted by: davidevanharris on Jan 24, 2012

James Bullock - San Francisco, USA - 6:00-7:00 (Global Lives Project, 2004)

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