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Discover Kabbalah Part 2 Class 4 : The power of the Zohar (K2)

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And every single one of us has the opportunity, the ability to continue that process. To reveal, not the information of the Zohar, but the light of the Zohar throughout the world. As Rav Ashlag knew then, the further this light goes the more that the light of the Zohar is revealed in the world the less room there is for darkness, for pain and for suffering. So therefore it is our job not only to study and connect to the Zohar for ourselves to reveal and grow light for ourselves but more importantly, even, the power of the Zohar is to reveal light so much in the world that there is no longer room for darkness. The Zohar writes in Naso, in a section of Naso, that it is the energy, the light with in the Zohar that will bring about what the Kabbalists call the final redemption. Or the end of pain, of suffering from this world. Even the removal of death. It is the revelation of this light throughout the world when a critical mass of this light is revealed in the world pain and suffering must end. This was the Zohar's prediction 2000 years ago and it is something every single one of us who begins their connection to the Zohar must take to heart. So we connect to the Zohar, we study the Zohar we reveal the light of the Zohar. Not only to bring, reveal light into our lives and into those around us but more importantly we connect and reveal the light of the Zohar because we know that it has the promise, the potential to remove pain and suffering from this world. And therefore every time we connect to the Zohar, certainly we think about ourselves, we think about those around us but we never forget the true potential of the Zohar. It has a global objective. That every time I, and every single one of us, connects and reveals a little bit more of the light of the Zohar in this world a little bit more pain and suffering is removed from this world and ultimately when enough people are connecting to the Zohar when enough of the light of the Zohar is revealed as the Zohar told us 2000 years ago when that occurs the pain and suffering that is so much around us, in this world today, can completely be removed.

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zohar for k2

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