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Purely Agent POC 2

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So this time we discuss about its price The price of IMD token will never decrease, only increase Okay Starting price on 1st September 2018 Starting selling price when it was first launched was US$1.00 Okay now Now its 15th October 2018 Current price, up to date US$1.433 Why does the price keeps on increasing? Okay, we take one example This is ICO, normal ICO happening around us Company Creates Token Token is sold To client Okay So when it is sold to clients At any price US$1, US$2 or any amount Client will have to wait for the token to enter market Okay When it enters the market Then only price is determined Whether the price increase or decrease Depends on the market The difference with IMD here Company Creates token Token amounting to 10 Million Released to public Or clients Okay And the clients Can Straight liquidate In exchange Or to new members At current price Okay Which the price is Controlled By Company Okay Which it doesn't enters Market Doesn't enter market Okay Price controlled by the company Best example is Cigarettes price, people keeps buying cigarettes no matter the price Because Price is controlled by Government That's why control by the company How do they do it Every US$30,000 Transactions Buy Sell And also reinvest Okay Price will increase US$0.001 So every time people buy Or every time people sell Or people reinvest Amounting to US$30,000.00 It will increase 0.001 USD Price controlled by the company That's why price In IMD will continue to increase Okay That is all from me

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Posted by: mariopuzo on Oct 17, 2018

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