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On Morality (Part 1) Sadhguru

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Being, Trying to be morally good See your... Lets say your children you are good to them as far as you know how to be Are you good to them because of morality because somebody has told you, you should not kill your children Is that the reason why you are not killing them are you ? being good to your children and not killing them because somebody has told you that you must be good to your children, that is good morals. Is it so? So why are you so good to them? Why do you love them? Why not somebody else? Hmm ? Why are they your children? because in some way you see them as part of yourself Isn't it? In some see them as a ... part of your self. Though they grow up and turn your enemies sometimes... Still somewhere As far as you are concerned You see them as part of yourself, that you are able to look beyond all their nonsense, all their problems, all their everything and still reach out to them, Isn't it? simply because you see them as a part of yourself Yes, that's all the thing is Isn't it? So.. anything that you experience as a part of yourself for that, you dont need morality obviously, Isn't it so? Yes? Are you understanding what I am saying? because you just leave out one step and when we go there, again you come back to the number one step So, anything that you experience as a part of yourself, with that you do not need any morality. Is it so? You don't have to 'try' to be good Morality means you are 'trying' to be good. Isn't it? So, Yoga means to experience everything as a part of yourself. Right now, lets say you gave birth to your child. It could have happened to many of you, you don't know. and in the hospital they interchange your children with somebody else You bring this child this was born biologically to somebody else but you believe this is yours and..Do you love this child any less? Is your involvement with the child any less? Your DNA is not there, but still you love it? So, its just your willingness to include somebody and you are capable. It is not that it has to come from your body It is just that, if you are willing, its possible. Isn't it? If you are little more sensible, may be you adopted a child and loved the child as much as any body Why, you did not bear your wife or husband, do you? They were born by somebody else. And generally your husband was born by that horrible woman called mother-in-law. But you love that man, isn't it? Isn't it so? So, it is just a question of your willingness. If you are willing, you can experience everything as a part of yourself. When you experience everything as a part of yourself, you do not need morality When you know the vulgarity of what is you and what is not you only then you need morality Otherwise no morality. Why does a person who experience everybody as himself need morality? With morals you are only trying to be good. You will never become good, please see this You can hold back your hands, but you can't hold back your mind, isn't it? Can you? You can hold back your physical body, but can you hold back your mind? It goes everywhere and does everything, isn't it?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru illustrates that when you experience everything as a part of yourself you do not need morality. With morals, you're only trying to be good. (AO20-P1)

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