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Nari Jibon

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♫Singing in Bengali♫ Hello, I am Taslima Akter I'm from Dhaka My home district is Nashindi I've been working at Nari Jibn since March 2005 My job title is "Supervisor of Computer Section" At first I train the students the basic things of computers ... Such as, MS Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint ... and then I teach them graphics and also in photography. And now I'm training the students on blogging. Today is the generation of computers. So we are leading this generation. So everyone needs to know about computers ... to develop their lives, to be able to get a job. Now we are writing all the words with computers Without computers we cannot do our everyday tasks As like me, I cannot think of any day without computers Actually I learned about blogging in December 2006 from a magazine. And then I was interested to start a blog. At that time I had opened my own blog, but I cannot understand anything and I cannot post anything. And when Nari Jibon started blogging ... then i could get an idea of how to blog and what is the importance of blogging My blog title is "Techno Tara" Especially I am writing lots of things ... from my thoughts, my eyes ... I write about women's issues ... Especially I like very much to do video posts. I like to take video. And also photoblogging. So I want to do more posts with video on Bangladesh Q: What do you want to do after you graduate? Actually, my target is to be working as a programmer. I like to develop programs and I also like to do coding. My target is to be a programmer. My name is Asia Afrin, "Annie" Annie is my nickname and Asia Afrin is my real name. People call me Annie. My blog's name is "Afrin's Gallery". I write that, as a woman ... I feel very proud ... because women are half the part of the whole universe. And we are as respectable as men. And every person should respect them like men. I am studying in high secondary, HSC first year. Q: What subject are you studying? Business studies. Q: And what do you want to do after university? I want to be a lawyer because I like this profession. Hi, I am Mohtarimun Nahar "Bipa" I was born in Dhaka My home district is Digrirchor I am the supervisor of the English section of Nari Jibon We have two English sections - English 1 and English 2. Both sections are a two-month course. And we use our blog for our assignments. So their practice is done by writing paragraphs and that we use on our blog site. In Bangladesh we think English is very important for us. Not all classes of people can learn English just anywhere. So we are trying to teach them English for a nominal fee. And for the women. We are trying to teach them If they want to learn computers, then English is essential for them. So that's why, in our Nari Jibon every computer student must learn English. I just want to show about our Bangladeshi nature through my blog site. Because many people know about Bangladesh as a poor country, as an overpopulated country. So I just want to show them that our country is very beautiful So that's what I want to show on my blog with some pictures. My name is Zannat Ara Amzad, my nickname is Eva. And my blog address is Always I like our Bangladeshi culture. But I personally like our country's nature. ... and historical places. ♫Singing in Bengali♫

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Posted by: oso on Sep 2, 2008

Nari Jibon gives women technical skills for better career opportunities and documents successes by integrating blogging into their curriculum.

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