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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~17:16:46 - 17:31:47

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-Me? -Yes, you. "Harvesting sisal is not only..." "Who says harvesting sisal is a job for you men only?" "We women do that too." Me? Yes, you of course. "Hey, what are you guys up to..." -Memory. -Memory! Yes? "Kantema, is that you?" Is Gift's mother looking for me? 10 millimeters... Wow! -You're just confusing yourself. -Who? Where was I? Should I start over again? "Is it Kantema?" "Join us, we're twisting sisal to use in bird traps." "As you well know, we're bird hunters." "Where are the birds?" "We saw some yesterday in the fig tree by the old houses." "What type of birds were those?" "Doves and a number of other types were up in the tree eating figs." "All those birds were there? Oh, no!" -"There must..." -Please. "Please, send some sisal to me so that I can help to twist it." This is going to be interesting. "Look Kantema, so many birds!" -No! Birds in the fig tree. -You were... -No! "You were really telling the truth, we'll get a big catch today..." "I'm catching so many birds brother..." -No! -"Our sister here will have to clean..." "Will have to clean some clay pots..." -Brother! - " remove." "Hey brother, just climb up." "...and catch them with your hands." "Are you serious?" "You can't really be serious about that." "Climb with him." Who, me? Hahaha! "You want to try and catch them with your hands, won't they just fly away?" "Just watch and learn." "Abuli and Namulenga." Keep reading from "Katepa..." Where now? Oh, I thought I was here. -"Ah, doo..." -Donkey. -"Do... "There's a struggle up there, check if any of them are trapped." -Ka... -It's me! "Kantepa! Hurry on up and climb!" "We've trapped some." "Where?" -Finish them off... - "Just finish them off so they won't escape..." -"...I'm going to enjoy the meal today." "Finish them off..." Why are you repeating the same passage? You are now! -"But..." -Right here... The nsima will go down. "This is a big catch, I think we should start off and pluck them in good time for dinner." -Is that all? - It's your turn. -"We'll wait until tomorrow, then pluck them with boiled water, they..." "...Dziutse is coming with us..." "...we'll be preparing more sisal..." " make into string..." "...we can use some of that for simple traps..." "That's how girls should be." "Have some initiative and think for themselves." "Soon you'll be able to set your own traps." "-What else would we be doing? -Plaiting mats." "-What, plaiting mats? -Yes." -"Hello!" - "Yes, we are here, welcome." -"Thank you." "Sit down on the cowhide..." -"Thank you..." -Yes, thank you. -"Is everything in order?" All is well. I just called in for a chat. "That was good to hear..." "These days we're really frightened of..." When day breaks. "Everyday we fear..." "..for what kind of news we will get..." " have you left your family?" -Is there no lighter place? -What do you mean? -Where you can read? "The whole of my family is fine, no one's sick. Even though..." "...there's a lot of coughing. And how are all of you here?" "We're doing fine. Of course our mother complains about rheumatism..." -"I guess she's getting old..." "I'm sorry for that..." "...what Chipiliro said." -Hey! -Here, is it your part? "I'm sorry..." -Is this your part? "...about Chipiliri, but still she'll be fine." Do I have to remind her every time she forgets? You didn't finish that. -"Well.." - Hey! It's me now! "Well, it's said that old age is no disease." "Your brother at Soshola, how's he doing these days?" -Memory! -Yes? Don't worry about it. -Who's reading now? -You are. -Where now? "He's doing just alright." "He still has problems with his ear." "He'll be fine so long as he uses his medicine faithfully. "There's an old saying that goes: the shy mouse died alone in his hole." "I've come with a confession... I really admire your skill..." "...I saw you plaiting some mats by the huge rock..." Who should take the next one? "I would like it if you taught me that." "Are you trying to mock me?" -"Me?" - "Aren't you the drum making expert yourself?" "But.." "But cows." -Drums! "Drums do..." -Ooh! "But how many people buy the drums..." -How many! -"Those who buy..." -"Are just desperate..." -Just. -Just. "So you said you've learned how to plait mats?" -Mats? Of course. -Of course. Maybe could..." -Could earn. -"Could earn a little some..." -Earn a little something? Oh! "There's no problem if you're determined." It's you. I'm very determined. I'm very determined. I'll be marking your parts. Have you read here? "My friend, it's not difficult to plait the mats. The problem is in cutting the reeds." -Ehh, for you? -Mmh. "You're right..." "...the reeds in the wetlands..." "...prick like thorns, not they..." Don't they say! "Don't they say love me, love my dog? I will cut the..." -"Reeds". -"Reeds right now." My turn? Do... "Just tell me how you... season..." -Season! -The reeds. -That's all. When you cut the reeds, you spread them open. Your turn. Do they open... -"Do they do that right there in the wetlands?" -Yes! -I thought it was my turn. -Yes, I thought you were supposed to read where I've marked. After that? "After that, we bring the reeds home." Ok. "Then" --excuse me-- "Then you arrange the reeds." Your turn. "What follows next?" "What follows next?" "You leave them to completely dry and you dip them in the river to make them soft for plaiting." "Do you understand what I'm saying?" "I understand." "When we level the reeds out of the water, we start to plait the mats. Then we dip the mat in water..." -Are you going to read all that? -No! " its width." "In its length, we tie the reeds so that..." Wait a sec, "...the mats are durable" -Is that all? -No. This is your part. All the marked bits are mine. You'll read here. "Thank you very much for teaching me. I should..." "...I should be going." "You'll leave without eating anything." -Where am I supposed to read? -"No, don't worry about it..." -"No, don't worry about it, I shall eat..."

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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