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[D-80 Big Hit Entertainment meeting room] - Have you been traveling? - I have. [A family trip to Europe] I went to Europe... with my family. No, I haven't been traveling. Going to the valley with my friends, when I was younger? That's probably it... Do the members talk about wanting to go a trip together? Very often. The farthest place mentioned was probably New York... The closest place was somewhere in Gyeonggi province. [What do you think about going to a resort next to a beach?] Phuket, Hawaii... I was thinking of typical vacation spots because it will be very difficult for all seven of us to backpack through Europe... We talked about going to Hawaii when we get some time off... V and I talked about going on a trip to Japan, just the two of us... [Q. Who do you want to go traveling with?] J-Hope or... Jungkook or Jimin. Someone who I can laugh and have fun with... I think I will have fun with Jin, Jimin, or J-Hope? No, J-Hope is... I am usually not very talkative... So, when it is not work related, I am really bad at making decisions. I want to go with a person who likes traveling and who can lead... I will probably go with Jimin. Or J-Hope. One of those two. I think everyone will be different, but I think I'll struggle if I go with Jungkook. I will have to find everything. I think going with V will be an adventure. I think going with Suga might not be fun? But, I think it will be fun. I think I will go with Rap Monster, thinking it will be fun but it won't be... [Apologies to Rap Monster] So, we have to go together. Not separately. J-Hope will be fun to travel with. I think Jin will be fun too. [Jungkook's choice?] Suga. Suga and I get along really well. We like to eat similar things, and he knows so much about things. I think he is a person that I can trust and follow. [J-Hope's choice is Rap Monster] Rap Monster! I want to go with a friend. Someone my age. [J-Hope and Rap Monster? An unexpected choice?] Surprising, right? I think it was an unexpected answer. We have lived together for 6 years but I still don't know much about Rap Monster. So, I want to go on a trip with him. I think putting two hopeless people together is the best way. V and I. J-Hope wanted to travel with someone his own age? I also like the idea of traveling with my friend! He is smarter, brighter, and more optimistic than me. This travel idea is perfect for J-Hope. I want to go on trip, full of hope and optimism! I really want to go to Hawaii! I want to go somewhere quiet. I don't consider the countries we have been to during our tour as traveling... I want to know! What countries are good to visit?! Peru. Machu Picchu. - You have to walk up... - I know. Jimin and I enjoy hiking. Jungkook is okay. But, J-Hope can't come. Jimin, Jungkook, and I like hiking. Do we just leave the other members behind? I'm sure they will play at the bottom of the mountain, while we go up Machu Picchu. I like our country, instead of going overseas. The air is nice and we can relax. Get some fire wood, put the rice on, and grill meat on the fire... We haven't done that yet. So, it might be really fun... This is really minor... But, instead of spending time in our house, if we can go somewhere new with just the members... I think we will be really happy. I think backpacking might be fun. We haven't traveled together, unless it was for work... So, we have talked about wanting to go somewhere together. If I do go on this trip, I don't want travel as Suga from BTS... I want to go on a trip that Min Yoongi will go on at the age of 24. 24, 25... Jungkook, who just turned 20... I want to go on a trip that is possible for students at this age... [D-DAY May 15, 2016] [BTS coming back to their accommodation after doing an appearance] Hello! You are shooting already? You have already started! [Cameras set up around the apartment] We are filming this at the house?! Our apartment has improved a lot! - Camera! - This is the first time revealing our apartment to the public, right? - Really? We are going there? - No one said anything... - Hello, everyone. - Hello! We haven't showed anyone our apartment, since we were rookies! We are leaving to go on a trip today! [BTS is going on a trip!] This trip is special for all of you... - It's been 3 years since your debut, right? - That's right. You can think of this trip as a gift for your 3rd anniversary! - I interviewed everyone about 2 months ago... - That's right. During the interview, everyone said... "We want to go on a trip, just with us" All the other times, you had managers and staff members to help you... Since, you went to these places to work. But, since you are going on a real trip, we won't be there to help you. You have to do something on your own. From buying the tickets, paying for things... This is just the obvious. - That's right. - You will be doing that yourselves. - That is so scary. - We have never done it. The most important thing. The destination... You will be going to 3 countries in Northern Europe. - 3 countries? - I really had no idea that it will be 3 countries. - 3 countries?! First is Norway. - Norway! - I wanted to go there! [A charming country with the best nature's wonders...] [You can't take off your eyes off the beautiful scenery!] [Itinerary in Norway, enjoying the beautiful nature...] 1, 2, 3! Second country is Sweden. You went there to shoot an ad before... [This is an honest reaction. 200%] Sweden is good. [Antiquated history and modern sensibilities coexist side by side] Antique vintage History and modern sensibilities ] [Back in Sweden and enjoying their free time...] [BTS will go to Stockholm to relive their memories!] - Last destination is Finland. - Finland! [Finland = Hyvaa, hyvaa] Hyvaa, hyvaa. [BTS' first RV experience] [Biking through the rain!] [Enjoying the spa in Finland, local style?!] [They will keep going until they get close to the North Pole!] [Premiering in July on V LIVE+]

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