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Climate Catastrophe Cancelled Part1

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Some people will be dying in 20 years in Canada because we have not been responsible today! "In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today, more severe even than terrorism", and I agree... And what Kyoto was, was an acknowledgement, that the rich countries are using far more than their share of the atmosphere. This government still has no action plan, during their 8 years of diduring CO2 emissions have sky-rocketed. We are facing a global crisis Mr. Speaker, it is transforming the very planet in wich we live. Any delay in ratifying Kyoto means that our lack of courage will be payed for by future generations. There are no short term answers but to fight it this government will use every tool available. We would decrease megatons, Mr Speaker, of CO2 and we would make megatons of money with it Mr Speaker! I used to agree with these dramatic warnings of climate disaster or taught my students that most of the increase in temperature of the present century was due to human contributinons of CO2. The association seemed so clear and simple. Increases of greenhouse gases were driving us towards a climate catastrophe. However, a few years ago I decided to look more closely at the science and it astonished me. In fact, there is no evidence of humans being the cause. There is, however, overwhelming evidence of natural causes. Such as changes in the output of the sun. This has completly reversed my views on the Kyoto protocol. Actually, many other climate researchers, also have serious concerns about the science underlaying the protocol. So lets hear what you're not beeing told about climate change. Climate Catastrophe Cancelled "What you are not being told about the Science of Climate Change." The field of climate science is vast, and I should emphasize, rapidly evolving. Many things we thought we knew about the climate system just a few years ago, are now proving to higly uncertain or quite mistaken. A comon misconception amongst the general public is that temperatures are rapidly increasing. This is only with some of the surface data and a selective surface data. In fact, much of the surface data that is collected is from around urban areas or areas wich have had significant land use change and this data is contaminated. On the other hand sattelites provide comprehensive coverage of the Earth, 24/7, for the last 20 years. And so, what they have demonstrated, is that there has been an almost imperceptible rise in temperature over this time. But is there really much difference between temperatures in cities and that of the rest of the world? I did studies in Winnipeg 25 years ago, where we mesured the ion signatures of the city of Winnipeg and we found as much as 10º Celsius difference between Portage and Main wich is supposedly the coldest part of Winnipeg and the airport, 8 kilometers away. Most cities of the world are hotter than their surrounding environments. That has nothing to do with Carbon Dioxide, and has everything to do with land use. What about the relativelly warm year 1998? Was that global warming or a naturally ocurring event, such as El Niño? Occasionally when it is warm everybody is saying: "Oh it is global warming like 1998". It is not global warming, it is just El Niño. In 1997-98 we had a major El Niño developed at low lattitude. And it was a tremendous ammount of water vapor popped up in the atmosphere, and we had a 1º Celsius spike around the world that was notted that time and disapeared within a few months. It's not even 25 years ago that the great threat was global cooling. You go back to the 70's and 76 and people like Ponte publishing books called The Cooling and the scientific concensus then was that we were heading for cooling.

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Posted by: hanryo on May 26, 2010

An extensive documentary about the truth of the climate catastrophe and the insterests behind the hoax known as Man Made Global Warming, and the movie An Inconvenient Truth.

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