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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~14:16:23 - 14:31:24

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-Wait in the classroom. -Go get yours! -I forgot you don't see right? -He says we should sit down. Isn't this like what they give out? Yeah, you failed it! He's number 4. Is that all yours? -You failed? -Yeah, I failed. Lindiwe will tell him to look. She'll give him a nudge to tell him to look. Do you see you've taken all of them, leave one. No! You're going to let them in 1 by 1, and then 2 by 2. Then that one will be left over But you've let in 2 at a time. -Three! -They'll finish if you put in all of them and leave out one! -No, you! -Will there be some left? Really? I thought you start with one first... And then 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on... I've managed here. Mine are 5 here. And then? Yeah! It's over, you've failed! Where's my rock? -There! -Behind you. -Right there!! Ah! Memory, why are you putting in 2 at a time? Memory, you've failed! -Sit there. -Let me try. -Sit down here, Simeon. -Memory, do it at the legs. Simeon should do it first, he's number 4. You failed! This one is on the line, that one is on the line too. -When it's on the line, does he fail? -Yes. -That means you've failed them all. I don't know, take out 2 at least. Put in 1 at a time. This one, I didn't take out this one! -Yours! You took it out. -It's yours, you took it out, that's it. You ate. No, but you don't do it like that. -Ah! You've messed me up, I could have eaten again. -That's your problem! -So he'll keep that one? -Yeah, I'll keep it, they keep it. You failed. -Where did I fail? -I thought I was going in again. -They do it one at a time. -Hey why did we take it out? -Yeah, I forgot. I thought it was you that started it? All of it, you put them in, there's 1 left. Throw it over there? You're throwing it all the way over there? Yeah, we need to. They want to do it like that. -You failed! -Eh, I didn't fail! I thought, I thought I put it in. I thought of putting them apart to be on their own first. Just letting out one means you've failed. -Leza! It could have hit you! -Memory will do it, then me. -Don't cheat here. These are mine. Hey, it didn't do it! Naomi? Whoa, Edith has let out gas. Come on. They don't allow you to hold on to that. It's over here. We're going to do this one again. Can you call Edith? Edith, we've given her the exercise book. -What for? -Just give it to her. -Here. Go get the exercise book and bring it here. Go. -You'll see it too. -It fell down. That's all it's going to be with this one. The one on the line is yours. Start again, some of them weren't watching. Those that saw, that's it. I thought Elube saw. I didn't place it down hard enough. I didn't push it. But you've gone too far, how can you laugh like that? Give it to Aunt to write down the number. Did you write out the hop-scotch? No. I finished, but I've made you look pretty, Linda. Give it to Aunt! You failed. This is what I ate with? What did you finish? 1, 2, 3, 4, 6... But you didn't take it off. Did you fail? But you failed too. I thought you did it like this and put it down like this or didn't move it at all. Oh man! Yeah, Charles says it's because he just did it like this. No, it's because he's proud of himself. -No way. -Don't be jealous. You're a liar. I thought I missed it over there, then pushed it over here. Hey look, Simeon... -Alright! Simeon had one! -Simeon's tasting it over there. -Yeah, he took out 3. -5! Oh my... Hey! I keep forgetting! This isn't mine. It's Charles, he keeps bringing it everywhere. Hey Charles, I thought you should move this. This wasn't here, this wasn't here! Hey, this was here, but it fell over there. But these guys are liars. You're a liar. You failed the one that's on the line. Hey, is that on that line? But you guys... 3. He put in 3 at a time right? He put in one at a time. Why wouldn't he just do it? 3! -This one on the line, this was in the group that got out. -It fell again! This was on the line too. It was in the group that came out. I beat you, Charles, 6, 7... -Simeon, you found me! -Are you doing 7 again? Simeon, this one, that's on the line! What now? -Don't deny it. I thought you failed? -This one? It was on the line, it came out with the rest! -If it's on the line, that's it. -I don't know how to play! -Hey, Edith! -It's your turn to do it. -I'll take this with them. -He's throwing them too high. It'll hit someone on the head. Don't be mean! Edith, if it falls by accident, it'll hit someone on the head. So... Look, look at the way he's throwing it! Now look at that! Or even if he's throwing it like that, we can only... Memory's turn. No, I failed you guys? I thought it fell on the ground. It fell on the ground? I thought I caught it. So he did it like this. What did he say it was? Hey! He said I stepped on a thorn. -A thorn poked you. -Where, come here? Oh, it's not a thorn, I thought it was. But over here is a little hole. Here too, close to here. I'm wearing his slippers. -It has a hole from the thorn. -I thought the thorn poked you over there? -Yeah, and here, and here. -I took it out, this one, and that one! That one too! No, this one is in the group of that one. When it's finished in here, what about? We'll take it down. Frasier, can't you smile? Ahh! You, this is the line. You want to cheat, right. When you do that, write out the hop scotch on that, what's it called? -"Miss to gwira" [Local game] -So any of these. I thought you played a lot of games? When you're tired, go pick up the plates and wash them in the river or the big jug. -Go over there, did you go? -Yeah, in the morning. -Did he follow you again? -No. They'll just be saying that they saw me! They'll be saying with their hands on their hips. You killed me with that. Come here and let me undo some, just stand there. Oh my, start ironing and finish all of them. -Charles, put them in the bush. -I left them again. -No! -They'll be saying "isn't that what we were throwing away". Oh my, just put them down, put them down. It's like there are two more left in there. Look you, just don't rip it. If you rip it you'll get knocked on the head. Can you come here Jo? We should be together. Are you refusing? -He won't send it to you! -Oh, fine. Go ahead and show off. You want him to take a video of us eating these fish? You don't chew too much. -I thought he was putting in a lot over here? -He was putting it in one at a time. -It's the way you wanted it Oh my! I thought he was putting it close by. Put it where you want it, I will also put it where I want to. You put in 2 again? -It was from there. -In the head. You were putting in one? He likes blocking other people's. That's a problem! I caught one that way. I want to go inside and get some water. They'll follow me there. Go, go. -They need to go first where they were. -But you did you close it? Yeah, it's ironed. I thought it was like this. Edith, are you doing it like this, can I ask? Are you doing it like this and putting it down like this? You put them all in and left out one. No, or even when you leave out one. -You failed! -No! -Yeah, you touched it! -I didn't touch it! You, you're stealing from me like this. Monkeys! I thought you want to put down one here. These must be monkeys. I thought you saw them taking off the fur. They took out the ears and tail. No, not the ears. Just taking off the fur and cutting off the tails. You put it on the line. Give me my umm... They cut all the hair so that it looks like someone's head. -What we didn't put down, don't move again. -Oh my, I thought it's because they were yours! -Put all of that. -I thought it was all yours. -Oh my! -I thought he should start with it. Sangolore, the Chichewa! I put in mine, right. This one isn't on the line. I put in 3, I'll come get them. He's tired and lazy. Hey, you don't have a jersey. -I put it with all of those. -So you put it down? So I'll put one down. -It's going to come back to you. -What is? -Big mama. Put it here. -But did he take a bath? -I thought he slept in there again? Are you asking me? -I will put in 3 here. -I thought one at a time. You should stop, you shouldn't be putting in 2 at a time. Oh my, that's being bossy. What's he carrying? There's a bed, right? Maybe there's only a mattress. Let's go and play 'miss to gwira'. Let's tell Gift's mom we should play 'miss to gwira'. Let's play 'miss to gwira'. Let's go, here's the rope! -Here it is! But you guys... -Put it on the way. Where did you throw the rope? I thought there were some marbles left. One? Let's all agree. Aunt, are you going to go in? Edith, put it in, put it in. Close it, close it for us. Pass me that. I thought it was already closed? Simeon, I thought we agreed that you should share. Share some with us! I thought we ate you! Simeon, you had them with you? Isn't that yours you ate? What you just ate. I will eat a lot, Memory, his have all finished. You ate it with the side dish! Simeon, what do you want to do? Oh, is that it? Edith you need to go over there, don't be close to us, get it? I thought he followed us here to take a video of us taking down our braids! -Is that true? -I'm telling you... I'll hit you, we're going to fight. Who's winning? Who won? Aunt, I already said 2. -Here right? -Yeah! I will be the first one to go in. Gift, go to your spot. -I thought I said 1. -I said 2. Spin it! But like this? Gift! Gift, you cut in! Gift, you cut the song! Gift, be at your spot! That's because he kept making me laugh. So you should be at my side. It's my turn to go in, Simeon. -Alone. -But you! Simeon? You know how? I caught him. Hold him. Are you holding? It slipped though. Edith, go in. 1, 2, 3, see 3, 3, 3... Begin. Memory made me fail. Memory, go to your spot. No!! Memory is the one who failed. I didn't ask him to go in. 1, 2, 3, see, begin. So did 'miss to gwira' hard wear no miss? This one and the way he came out!

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