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Narcis Iustin Ianau - Countertenor

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I am 15 years old and my talent is singing. Do you think you've got what it takes to win the great prize? Yes. - And what is that? - My voice I've never taken singing lessons. My mother has been in Italy for 9 years and hasn't heard me sing very often. My Dad has heard me sing several times and he already knows how I sing. When my Mom heard me sing she didn't think I could get anywhere with my voice. I wish that my Mom could hear me sing on an open stage. Go on, WOW us! - Good evening. - Good evening. What's your name? My name is Narcis Iustin Ianau. Why did you come to Romania's Got Talent? To turn a dream into reality. To fulfill my dream. And what dream is that? To show the world the kind of voice I have. And to entertain the world with my voice. - So you will sing for us? - Yes. Good. Good luck. Thank you. - Never in my life have I seen something like this! - Oh man! Thank you so much. - Iustin, how old are you? - I'm 15. I hope you will go to the Music Conservatory when the time comes. Yes. I've just begun high school. ... because you know countertenors are very rare. I know. I have nothing to tell you... You amazed us in the most pleasant way. You sing beautifully. You're a wonderful countertenor. It was a real shock. But a good one. - Very nice. - Thank you so much. When you first came on stage, I was expecting you to tell me about Pythagora's theorem... ... or to show me an isosceles triangle... ... to tell me about the angles... But you showed me that ... you are a very special young man. Thank you so much. So, so special... Andy, YES or NO? I think he has everything it takes to win the great prize. - My answer is YES. - Thank you. My answer is YES. And congratulations. Superb! You know what? I think this is the beginning of a new life for you. YES! Three YES! Congratulations! Have a good night! - Man, you WOWed us! - What planet do you come from? I didn't expect to hear that sound from his body! Honestly! Fantastic! So you've never studied music? No. I've just taken a few piano lessons. - This is all you, your native talent. -Yes. When did you discover you can sing like that? When I was a kid. I was singing in the Church choir. I'm Catholic. People were making fun of me. ... telling me I sing like a girl. I was a bit discouraged. But I encouraged myself. A boy can sing like that? It's beyond anything I could ever imagine... I was scared. I started shaking. I thought I would lose my voice, that I won't be able to sing very high... When they first started applauding I though they were making fun of him. But then I saw they continue clapping... ... I have no words to describe this. It's amazing!

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Posted by: crims0n_dreams on Mar 12, 2011

Narcis Iustin Ianau wow-ed everyone when he sang at the Romanian show Romania's Got Talent.
He's 16 years old, never took singing lessons and is self-taught.

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