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Angela Karatassos: A Robotic Surgery Success Story

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[narrator] No one likes to talk about it, and they often call it the Big C. But unfortunately, cancer is a reality for many women in the United States. Angela Karatassos, wife of Pano Karatassos, executive chef of the Buckhead Life Restaurant, Kyma, is a philanthropist and mother of three. In early 2010 she got the news from her doctor. Angela was diagnosed with a relatively rare type of cervical cancer, [Piedmont Hospital - Margarett Ellison, M.D.] one that is difficult to diagnose by normal Pap smears because it occurs in the upper part of the cervical canal. [Angela Karatassos] I went and had my Pap smear, and it came back dysplasia. Originally, her diagnosis was a precancerous lesion. Had she not had the treatment when she did, then this could progress on to something that was life-threatening. I've been going through this for many years, on and off, abnormal Paps and then it was okay. And I've had three children, so I knew eventually that this was going to be the best thing for me to do-- to have the hysterectomy. Angela was able to have a robotic procedure to have her radical hysterectomy performed. The traditional approach would have been to have an open procedure

where an abdominal incision is made. These procedures take six to eight weeks to recover from if done via an open route. However, doing a minimally invasive approach using the robot, we were able to do this with a minimum number of incisions that were small-- less than 12mm--and allowed her to decrease her blood loss, decrease the length of stay in the hospital, decrease the amount of pain associated with the surgery, and get her back to her life again as quickly as possible. Having three kids, of course that question comes up, how am I going to do it after major surgery like this? But it really was a good experience. Making the diagnosis at the time that we did and being able to get her surgery was both relieving to her mind and also expedited our treatment and got her completed with her therapy and on to the rest of her life. I really felt really secure in it. Piedmont--I was born there and had three kids there. I didn't think to go anywhere else but Piedmont. The nurses are so sweet, and everybody on Dr. Ellison's staff is really kind and informative. They gave me information to look over so I knew what I was getting into. I didn't have any fears at all. [chuckles] I know that sounds odd to go into major surgery like that, but I really felt okay with it. [narrator] At Piedmont Hospital, Angela benefited from skilled physicians and the most advanced da Vinci Surgical System available for minimally invasive robotic surgery. Her message to other women is to seek regular checkups and to talk to their doctors about their concerns. Life is short, and so it's a good wake-up call. It really is. [Piedmont Hospital -] For more information on the da Vinci technology at Piedmont, visit

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Busy mom, wife And philanthropist going strong after successful robotic surgery.

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