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Cámara testigo El primer Smart Parking

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Smart Parking is a solution for time and space The concept of smart parking came from Korea and its the first installed in the continent of South America Before where two cars would park horizontally now you can park up to 16 cars vertically and they are and they are also parked in different height This is all done automatically by a machine which is smart. The machine has a process which allows to return the car to the owner and moves clockwise/anticlockwise to the best location to return to its owner. The driver also has some benefits for example, they always must take their car keys. Once the car gets into the machine its all shut and doesn’t get moved at all until the driver returns so the driver avoid things such as small scratches, mirrors being broken or bumps which tends to happen a lot is also benefits for the enviroment because through is also benefits for the enviroment because through studies it has been said that it reduces pollution up to seven times compared to a traditional parking because because it takes time for a car to find space in the car park compared to smart parking where once you arrive the car the car is located and it doesn’t move until collected. The system is all done from a software, the car enters the barriers, where their car plates are read they press a button and a receipt is printed where it tell them which machine they should enter which all depends on the size of the car. Once they enter they park the car make sure everything is shut and the machine prints a bar code which once the driver is off the code is placed and the car goes up by itself. Roughly form the highest point it takes about 2min and half for the car to come down so the wait isn’t long. One we installed this smart parking two engineers came form Korea to check all the systems and installations The system is very simple and smart, the machine has great health and safety secure system because it detects for example if a person forgets something and goes back to the car once it was about to move up the machine stops automatically because of safety. This type of machine Smart Parking has more than 30years dedicated in resolving this problem which is happening today. The cost of smart parking for the clients is the same as traditional parking by the hour. . We also have the service of over night parking or parking for a month which has a similar and good competitive parking as other parking. . In particular we are interested in installing more of these smart parking around the city The simple and easy of smart parking is that it doesn’t need a lot of space to help resolve or park a lot of cars thats what makes smart parking great so its important to try and find identify the best spots the city to install smart parking then replicate this great experience even though this is the first in south america is a great first example for smart parking to be distributed around the continent

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