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This is what EP was voting on! Jedlicka and Etheridge

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>>We're here in Strasbourg for second day of voting, with my friend, and also liberal-ender, Bill Etheridge, you're the Member of the Parliament, here, for a couple of years already, and I really believe that it's important to explain the check-voters, what kind of insanity is going on here. every single day in European Parliament. Do you actually know how many legal norms you are voting on last two days? >>[Bill] No, and it's... every day we're here, for the last five years in Strasbourg, tonnes, tonnes of paperwork... I have no idea how much we've passed through, it's just pressing a button, pressing a button, endlessly. >>So this is roughly 4,500 papers that we were voting on yesterday, of course it includes all the amendments, but this is actually how much legislation does the European Parliament produce every single few days. And what I was most amazed, is that there is not a reasonable measure how to count how much this legislation actually costs to the taxpayers. There is some estimate but you cannot even find the aggregate number for this measure. >>Well, this place exists, purely, to create legislation. To create amendments, to create reports. Constantly churning out these things. Years of work from people, going into all of this... and, for what? To just simply to find new ways of closing the state controlling on people. And it must cost - well it does cost hundreds and hundreds of millions of Euros. >>Eric, calculated that if the estimate of the European Commission is right, that to check taxpayers, it's roughly 200B checker hours a year. But those numbers are actually from 2007. >>Yeah. >>And if every single five days, the European Commission passes and proposes this amount of legislation, how much that could be as of today, right? >>Yeah. >>Some 10 years later. >>Yeah, and don't forget, sometimes, we come to Strasbourg twice in a month. So, either, you can double this up in some months. So they spend all of their time building up to these four or five days here, to give us this, and times that by years and years and years, and the amount of cost, but also, the amount of freedom lost to new legislation and rules. It's almost impossible to comprehend. >>So you believe that Britain could do very well without all of this legislation? >>Well, yeah. In Britain we have our own problems with civil servants and then too much administration. But of course, if we get rid of this, we can start getting rid of some of the stuff in Whitehall, London, that is clogging up the veins of freedom in our country.

So you get rid of this first, then you move to your own country, and start smashing down... getting rid of all this paperwork as well. >>Alright. I'm just wondering, do you know how many of this legislation was actually passed yesterday? >>No, I don't have a clue. I know that... we were in here voting for about 45 minutes, and the speed of the voting, I'd imagine you could get hundreds of items passed and voted on, but I don't know exactly how much. >>Well, it was almost everything, right. It's amazing, like, there is zero opposition in this place, towards what is happening, and it's... the Parliament simply passes whatever the commission tells the European Parliament to pass, there is virtually no opposition to this craziness here. >>Yeah. Because most of the big groups, they don't have a discussion with their MEPs, they don't think about it. They've got a command from on high, saying, you will vote this way. And when you've got those big blocs of the EPP, the ECR, or the SND, the big players, and Aldi, and if any couple of those come together, that's it. So all the time spent in debate, all of the words mean nothing. They know before we even come here, how they're going to vote. >>Well, EFDD is one of those groups where there is actually proper debate before the vote, and you're trying to stop this, and you're one of the very few groups that actually vote against that kind of systematic play. How many other MEPs actually do this? Is it 10%, is it 20% sometimes? >>I think... you could probably say we get 20% opposition sometimes, but other times, it's... it could be passed by 600 votes to about 20. And that's just us, again. The number of times we actually stop anything... is hardly ever. But the point is, next term, there will be more people with a skeptical disposition coming to this parliament, including yourself I hope. And what will happen, is the numbers will get closer. And then you get into committees, because don't forget, there are also committees that churn this stuff out as well. You start to get into those committees, you start to fight, and discuss and maybe next term, we can dispense with a lot of this paperwork, I hope so. >>I'm looking forward, thank you very much. >>My pleasure. >>I'm looking forward to see you in the next term over here. >>Excellent, looking forward to it.

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