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3:10 To Yuma

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[drums, increasing in tempo] It's probably cheaper just to let me rob the damn thing. Did you see which way he rode Evans? Might be they're headed to Bisbee. Hands up. [click as hammer is pulled] 22 robberies, over $400,000 in losses Y'all notice he didn't mention any lives I've taken. We will have Ben Wade, convicted and hanged and we will pay to make it happen. I'll come. So, boys, where we headed. Taking the 3:10 to Yuma, day after tomorrow. Shouldn't have told him that. Relax, friend, now if we get separated I know where to meet up. He's a killer, Daniel. Then someone ought to have the decency to bring him to justice. I want to come with you. Well, you can't. What are you doing out here Dan? You got a family to protect. Don't talk to me like you know me, Wade. We ain't friends. I told you to stay home. I left home. You turn around right now. The boy ain't protectin' you, he's following me. You say one more word, I'll cut you down right here. I like this side of you, Dan. You're so sure that your crew's coming to get you. They're lost without him. Like a pack of dogs without a master. Where'd they take him? I don't know! Let me out of here! Sure as God's vengeance they're comin'. They're coming this way. I've seen 'em. Gonna be 30, 40 more guns out there now. Boss, are ya in there? Sorry mister, I'm not going to die here today. It's just you left, Dan. Just you and your boy. This town's gonna burn! Call 'em off. Why should I? Because you're not all bad. Yes I am. You just remember, ...that your old man... ...brought Ben Wade to that station, when nobody else would. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 30, 2010

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