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-Hey, what's up, you guys? I am here in Venice, smells like rape and alcohol, and you're probably wondering, "Shane, why aren't you in you bedroom talking to the camera with the beautiful lighting and nice filters and crazy character?" No, it's because I'm getting ready to post my Halloween interactive spectacular. It's not as gay as it sounds, I promise. Okay, it kind of is. Sorry I keep doing my Justin Bieber hair flip, I can't help it. But, basically, we filmed it last week for a few days. We went out of town, we rented a house. So now we're gonna go inside and start editing. So obviously I didn't have enough time this week to make a normal video, but I thought it would be fun if I showed you the editing room, showed you the people helping me out, and also show you a trailer slash sneak peek slash scene slash I don't know. Slash Justin Bieber. Is that Jodie Foster? Are we editing the new Jodie movie? -Yes, it's Flightplan 2. Piece of shit. [laughter] -The sequel. So I am here with Totally Sketch. -Hey, everybody! -He has directed, what, my Telephone music video, my Last Sunday Night music video, everything that's like boner-inducing. -Aww. -Aww...mwah. Ooh, this is--don't know where that's been. And sitting over to my left... is Tony! -Good morning. -That's anticlimactic. Wake up, it's Tony! -Aah! -He produced this whole thing, so thanks to him, everybody. He is a creator of BlackBoxTV, which is my new favorite channel on YouTube. My second favorite channel on YouTube. [laughter] And we are actually at, this is a little studio here, we got a random picture of an 80-year-old woman standing on a perch. And right now, we are cutting together we didn't even really started, it's been kind of crazy, but we're gonna make a trailer, which I'm about to show you in five seconds. Let's do a countdown, everybody. Five, four, three, two, one! Trailer! Right now. [laughter] [wind whistles softly] [heart beating] Hey, crazy party, right? -Die. -[evil laugh] [door creaks] -Emo girl? Are you ok-- [all screaming] [evil laughter] [gasps] Oh, my God! Joy Behar finally left The View? Oh. [gasps] There you go, there was the trailer. Was it exciting? Was it good for you? -It was good for me. -Was it good for you? -So good for me. -Oh, so fucking good for me. I am very excited. Next Saturday, we are going to put it up and it's going to be an interactive, crazy experience and what's your favorite part? Actually, don't ruin it. But what was your favorite part of making it? -Oh...well, all the amazing improv that Shane did when he was talking about dicks and lady-holes. -And butt pussies. -Shane learned a new term. -I learned a new term: butt pussy. It's basically like a guy's vagina... [laughter] -What is it? -I don't know, okay, wait. It's like when a guy gets-- all I was hearing on set was, "My butt pussy's so wet." Could you explain? -Why do I have to be the doctor of this term? Essentially, it is the other hole, and it's for men who, uh, well, you know, use it for pleasure and not poop. -Interesting. Urban Dictionary sucked that one up. So yeah, I'm really excited. Ooh, by the way, new Take180 where I play Eminem, because obviously, I'm... I'm an obvious gangster, right? All right, we gotta go before we get shut down by the popo. I love you guys. Leave a comment, what's your favorite scary movie? What's your favorite scary movie? -Uh, Rosemary's Baby. -Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original. -Material Girls. [laughter] See you guys later. Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 5 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Shane Dawson
Director: Tony and Totally Sketch
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Oct 24, 2010

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