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And do you have a preferred route? Oh, just the best way there is great. Okay, no problem. I will get you there just as quickly and as safely as possible. >> Great. It's important to stay calm with a rider in the car; this is a skill, you can learn how to do it. Practice taking a deep breath before you talk to your rider. If something upsetting is happening, take that deep breath and say, [Deep breathing] "I'm so sorry. Let's see how we can fix this." If you can stay calm, you can help your rider calm down as well. Another part of staying calm, is as professional drivers we cannot get road rage. Road rage could mean that I'm racing other drivers, using my horn aggressively or complaining that other drivers are terrible. Not only as road rage a safety issue, it's a ratings issue too. What happens if you have a bad day and you give your bad mood to your rider? How is your rider going to feel if you say, "Oh, man, I am having the worst day ever. I hope your day is better than mine?" It's better to take a break, if you need to. One of the best parts of being an Uber partner is that we get to make our own schedule. If I'm having a bad day and I need to take a break, all go offline and grab a cup of coffee or maybe go for a walk. If I'm having a really bad day, I'll just go home. It's better to save my rating. If you're making money but getting bad ratings, your risking your partnership with Uber. Another option is to develop a mantra like, "I love to drive." A mantra is something you can use to remind yourself to stay positive in your car. Maybe you love the you get to make your own hours or you're just really happy you're not doing that last job. Figure out the mantra that works best for you. Practice that mantra, when you're having a good day. So, it's ready when you're having a bad one. If you're rider tells you, "I'm late. Can you drive faster?" You need to remember it's not your fault, they're late; however, if you blame your rider for it, you're won't get a good rating either. If you drive dangerously to get your rider where they need to go, you might get a bad rating and a bad ticket. A good way to handle the situation is to be sympathetic and stay professional. Tell them, "I'll get you there as quickly and as safely as possible", then do it but be smart, use an app like Waze to find the best route. And let your rider know, if there are any complications.

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20170105 Traffic

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